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Wild Day In The Quiet Winter Garden

Turkey in the woods south of Dry Creek near our house.

Turkey in the woods south of Dry Creek near our house.

It was a bit cold today, with a breeze, temperatures that could be counted on the fingers of two hands and light flurries in the air.

And yet, it was a day of wild life in the frozen winter gardens.

We’ve put out a couple of bird feeders this winter, which are attracting the usual crowd of small brown birds, augmented now and then with a neighborhood cardinal couple. We purchased squirrel-resistant feeders and squirrel guards for the feeder poles, which seem together to be doing a good job of keeping the tree rats away from the feeders, although the squirrels are not going hungry—there is plenty of food spilled by the birds on the ground.

Anyway, today Audrey set an aging pumpkin pie that we are too stuffed to eat and that’s getting beyond the attractive point out on the deck. It didn’t take long for our main fat neighborhood tree rat to find it—this same bold squirrel has been known to stare at us through our dining room window, especially if he thinks we’ve neglected stocking the bird feeders too long. Anyway, fatty tree rat ate freely of the pie, although there seemed to be too much for him to finish in one morning meal.

As we watched him, a fairly substantial herd of deer passed by in the bed of Dry Creek, too far for me to try to photograph them. That was in the morning—in the afternoon, a bunch of turkeys were in the same area, and I did shoot some images of them.

So I made the film of “The Life of Pie” that our squirrel led today. Hope you enjoy it.  Dec. 30 update: More backyard wild animal photos from the day of this blog and the next day are here.

Squirrel enjoys pie.

Squirrel enjoys pie.

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