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A Twinkie, a Twinkie, is it Really Food At All?

A photo from WikiCommons by Larry D. Moore in happier days. 2005.

So, does the image from WikiCommons by Larry Moore make me hungry? It’s been years since I ate a Twinkie, and really, I am not sure I have missed them much.

The Twinkie may be pulled from the brink. In the first place, if Hostess did go belly up, someone else might buy the recipe. In the second place, today it was announced that management and the union have, at the urging of a bankruptcy judge, agreed to mediation.

Well, I hope some of the 18,000 jobs can be saved. But I’m not going to write about the labor dispute. Instead, Twinkies at the brink made me think of food I enjoyed in my youth, some of which I miss, some of which now any makes me think “what was I thinking.”

What are some examples of kid chow I enjoyed that seems to have faded from my life?

  • A slab of beef baked with Lipton Onion soup on top. I don’t know what cut of beef my mother used and I haven’t ever bought a packet of that soup, but this would be one food that I would willingly sample again.
  • An English Muffin pizza. Made with ketchup and Velveeta. A truly terrible idea, then and now. No thank you.
  • Instant mash potatoes, sometimes made with cottage cheese. OK, the potatoes alone are inferior to real mashed potatoes, but the mix with cottage cheese might be tempting.
  • Thin corned beef and a dill pickle. Wrapped up with horseradish sauce. OK, I think it would be good, even today.
  • Fried bologna with a fried egg. Sounds disgusting. Looks disgusting. Filled with fat calories. And yes, as I type this, I hate to admit it, but I’m feeling hungry.
  • Hoot and holler whiskey cake. A kind of fruitcake without the dried fruit, marinated daily with whisky. Since the whiskey is added after baking and soaks into the cake, I’m not sure the results were legal to be fed to me when it was fed to me. I’m willing to try it again.

Anyway, I won’t be too worried whether Twinkies are around or not. And by the way, I checked, they are not some strange chemical concoction that isn’t baked—they are fairly bland, chemical laden baked cakes. Which, honestly, I don’t really miss at all. The Velveeta pizza of dessert.

What foods of your youth do you wonder about now?

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