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A Look At Me Playing Handbells

This video made me smile, and I needed that.

I attended a handbell workshop on Saturday, and it was a bit rough. A large group of more than 50 ringers were rehearsing four selections for a late afternoon concert, and it didn’t go well for me.

There were too many eighth notes, odd tempos and bell changes for me to keep up with. I quickly got lost in every song. The gentleman to my right kindly offered to share music in a vain attempt to keep me on tempo, but the songs were too challenging for me, and even with his help, I pretty much just stood there, listening to others play, feeling, if truth be told, pretty miserable.

It made me reconsider whether I even want to continue playing hand bells. Probably not the result that MMU had it mind when Campus Ministry sponsored me for the workshop.

Well, today I felt a bit better. I decided I could cut down to one rehearsal a week, and see if that lowered my stress. And I recalled that the most challenging song we’ve played this year we already played at the Holocaust Memorial, and I don’t have to deal with it again for now.

Also, the video helped me feel a bit better today. Will I continue to ring in the future? Right now, I’m honestly not sure. This was supposed to be my easier semester, compared with fall, but what with one thing and another I feel totally swamped right now.

Again, little of the stress has to do with the bell choir, but I have to figure out where to cut stress where I can. I was thrilled to have Amanda and her family come visit for a few weeks, but evening and weekend grading time was truncated during that visit, and this weekend I spent all day Saturday at a workshop, then ended up with family commitments all day Sunday. It’s coming on to Sunday evening and the new school week is ready to dawn, and I don’t have enough hours in the day.

Come to think of it—I guess that’s probably exactly how my students feel.

Anyway, I decided that quitting the bell choir in the wake of one discourating workshop would be a bit unfair to the group. So I will cut down to one practice a week and see where that leads. And the video is nice. I may feel totally clumsy in the music world, but with enough practice I can play a little.



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