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What Kind of Day Was It?

It’s the second week in November, and as I listened to my favorite NPR program at 10 a.m. Saturday (Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me) I was raking my yard and sweating.

There were a few hardy bugs around, a lady bug fruitlessly hunting on a spent brown dried flower, a few mayflies flitting about, some grasshoppers. And, of course, box elder bugs.

A fat squirrel was not waiting until she needed the crab apples—she likes them, darn it, and is eating them now. She spent some time perilously hanging on the edge of a small crab apple, then crossed the lawn to a much larger and sturdier pear tree, where she continued her lunch with those hard green fruit.

Before raking, I took some pretty fall photos. The trees are mostly bare, but there is plenty of quiet beauty in the gardens on this unusual summer day in fall. I briefly went behind the fence and startled two does who were lazily munching on the still-green weeds back there.

Later, in the afternoon, I took a bike ride on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. By the time the afternoon turned started to turn dim, the winds had picked up and some sprinkles feel.

Rain, then snow, are due tomorrow. That’s more like November. But it was nice to spend some outdoor time today. I never really mind raking leaves much, especially on a day like this—who wouldn’t rather be outside anyway?



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Tune for a Wet Election Tuesday: The World Isn’t Ending


Late afternoon sun over Cedar Rapids, seen from Mount Mercy University, Nov. 5. The day and the election cycle are coming to a close.

It’s all over but the counting. I’ll miss this election cycle, believe it or not. No—not the incredibly negative ads—but the sense that things are still up in the air and people are engaged in their government. Still, I think it was a scary election cycle partly due to the collapse of traditional media and the resulting information vacuum being filled with shouting.

This campaign has become so bitter, the battle so pitched, that close to half of the electorate is in for a big disappointment. There are all kinds of scenarios about how this election might play out—from a Romney popular vote victory with an Obama electoral win to a rather one-sided victory for one side or the other.

What’s really going on? Despite the odds I’ve seen, I’m not 80 percent sure that Obama will win. I think this election is almost impossible to predict. Whatever else happens, I do hope we have fairly clear-cut results at some reasonable hour today.

Well, life goes on. Audrey turns over another year today: Happy birthday, sweetie. You get to pick the network to watch election returns on tonight, but please, no Fox.

And the sun will come out tomorrow. Let’s recall the joint compact that has kept this Republic going. We can, and should, fight like cats and dogs for each election victory or defeat. And in between, we need to find ways to be governed and to govern. Whoever is elected faces some pretty steep problems in a dangerous world.

May wisdom guide the winner, whoever he is. May supporters of the winner not crow or brag too much—there is work to do. And may the losers not vow to obstruct and prevent—but rather to face the future and work together with the victors to find solutions.

That’s pretty naive, I know. But I can’t help it. The sun will come out tomorrow.

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