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The Spruce Truce, Or I Hope That Tree Will Enjoy Its New Home


Spruce has almost doubled in height this spring, but now it’s in a pot, waiting to be taken to an MMU student.

Well, Audrey pulled the ace. She bought a tether ball pole, which she stated should logically be placed in only one spot.

Right where the spruce tree is.

And, blog friends, she probably was right. Looking around the back yard, the sandbox on one side, the swing set in another corner, a central level play area—where was there room for a tether ball pole?

Right where the spruce tree is, or rather, was. I dug it out and installed the pole. Not surprisingly, given my ineptitude for things mechanical, there was a serious, pole-threatening snafu. I followed the directions, which included pounding the base of the pole into the ground. But my pounding also distorted and bent out the edges of the aluminum tube, so there was no way to put the second piece onto the base—the sleeve that the piece was supposed to fit snugly on now had a “sleeve.”

Well, some snipping with needle nosed pliers and some tapping with the “sleeve” resting on a rock slowly reduced the diameter of the sleeve until the second piece could be worried onto it.

So now I have a pole where a tree used to be. While I would not generally consider this a positive thing—I favor trees far more than poles—in this case it sort of works. Audrey had already promised a spruce tree to a student, so now she has one to take into the office. And two other spruces, courtesy of last fall’s project, are still in the ground in the little stand of woods behind our fences.

And, anyway, most of the baby Arbor Day trees that I have in pots are well awake and ready for planting. I guess, given that I’ll gain at least five baby trees in my yard, I can spare a spruce.

So I hereby declare a spruce truce. No needle whining, no evergreen tears. It’s gone, but it’s going to a good home, I hope.



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Time to Spruce up the World?


An undisclosed location. Two of three spruces ended up in the woods behind the fence. This one might be somewhere else. If asked, I can honestly say it was a conspiracy that also involved Ben.

Well, there are still 10 trees lurking out there in the world, supposed to be on their way from the Arbor Day Foundation—heaven knows what I’ll do with them when I get them.

In the meantime, the real reason Audrey joined the Foundation again and got her free trees is so she could purchase 50 white spruce trees at a discount for school children in Monticello. One of her classes did an environmental service project with several grades at Sacred Heart School, and each student received a spruce tree to plant.

There were 47 students. Teachers also wanted a tree each, but apparently the Arbor Day Foundation was playing it safe, and the bundle of 50 must have had more than 50, since there were still three trees left over.

It was cool and rainy today, and may snow tonight. We are in a transition from a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving to early winter, with highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s. It might flurry tonight.

The trees are dormant, and the instructions are to plant as soon as possible, so I put the three spruce in the ground today. They are also supposed to taste good to deer, so I caged them to give them a chance.

Too much to do and school is about to start for the final end-of-semester frenzy. I have oodles to work on, so it’s a good thing this is not a busy gardening time. But, I always feel better when I’ve dropped some trees in the ground—it’s such a hopeful gesture.

Sleep little spruce, and when spring comes around, wake up and grow. I hope most of the kids in Monticello found a good spot for their spruce twigs, too.

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