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Christmas 2010 Snow Scenes


I didn't get the framing right, but was lucky to catch the focus and I still like this image.

As noted before, there’s no need to dream of a White Christmas in 2010 in Iowa.

While Audrey took a quick nap, I went outside to try to capture some snow photos. This picture post is the result.  I’m not sure it worked all that well–it’s hard to photograph snow and the biggest problem I have with my digital minicam is that it doesn’t let me control the focus.  Still, although it was hard to get it to focus on the head of a coneflower, I think I got some nice snow pictures, but you can comment and let me know if you agree.

Lilac in snow

This is one of the few "inside" shots out the office window in my home--snow on a lilac bush. Background is backyard snow. I like the plain view this photo shows.

Why does ice seem so pretty when it’s mixed with dust and puffed with air to form delicate six-sided crystals? I got a bit chilly taking these and worried a bit about keeping my Kodak dry, but all in all, I think it worked out.  Click on an image to see it bigger, and then click “back” to see more, I’ll finish this post with dozens of snow photo, a total of 20 images, just to celebrate the beauty of snow on this fine Christmas day!

Once again, Merry Christmas from snowy Iowa.

Lilac on chimney

One of my favs in this big group. Lilac with chimney stones as background.

Lilac and snow

Again, a nice lilac image. Can't have too many flower photos! Even when the flowers are long gone.


Next series is crabapples--like the contrast of red and white snow. Squirrel has not managed to reach them all yet ...


An even better one, I think. Crabapple in backyard.

Maple bark

Now, a more abstract phase--snow on maple bark


Clothesline in back with snow "waves"


Clothesline again, looking west instead of east


I like the way the aging wood of the fence contrast with snow, and the way the snow overhangs the top of the fence

Plant hook and fence

One of our plant hooks and the top of the fence

Fence again

Final fence post--closeup of snow wave

Plant hook

OK, the fence is still h ere, but I think this is a photo of the hook ...


We meant to take this swing down before winter, did not get done ...

Road Crud

Looks like an interesting mineral--is really just road snow crud crusted in a van wheel well


Woods in snow

Woods and stream bed south of our back fence (looking over fence, actually)


Fern in front in snow

Dogwood leaves

Dogwood leaves with snow--first of a few dogwood photos

Dogwood leaf

Dogwood leaf--took some time to get the camera to focus ...

Dogwood again

Dogwood leaves buried in snow


And the final photo--number 20--again a coneflower, better framing


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The Hypnotic Effects of Snow

Falling precipitation, if you’re doing any boring, repetitious task, can be hypnotic to watch or listen to.

Snow, while it can make a very subtle sound, is usually pretty quiet.

Here are two random videos I shot Monday. The one at the top is shot through a screen, which gives it a scruffy look, the one below is through a window only.  I was giving an exam at the time, so the natural sound is the sound of heater/blower in a classroom, and the cough in one video is courtesy of a student. I was looking around while shooting, so that, plus lack of tripod, means a lot of camera shake.

I didn’t just stare out the window and shoot random video. Most of the time during the exam, I was grading papers and watching the students. This video was shot during a brief between grading interlude, and is near the end of the exam period.

Warde Hall at Mount Mercy University is my favorite building there, due to its unique character. Two very tall pine trees grow in front of the building, and one of those trees provides the dark backdrop that lets us watch the snow.

I’m not sure what it is about things falling from the sky, but snow in particular, that provides such fascination. Are we hard wired to attend to is as part of the natural world from which we sprang? I can recall many a day in elementary school where all that I recall is: “It rained. Watched rain out the window.”

I was not a particularly good student in elementary school, by the way.

I think part of the hypnotic effect of snow is simply the random, yet repeated, motion Small objects enter our field of vision and silently float by. The supply seems endless, a quiet eternal procession. The process is often not as gentle as it sounds—a wind will make the snow silently float by as if propelled by little jet engines, and wind-whipped snow can have quite an impact on facial flesh, as any Iowan can tell you. But, it’s cool when viewed out a window with a dark, tall piney background.

Still, while it was cold Monday, the snow was not particularly intrusive. It didn’t pile up, it wasn’t whipped into drifts, it was just pretty to watch. And watch.

I think I need a fire, a new book to read and some hot chocolate. That (and having elves to grade the exams) would make the snow perfect.

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