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The Boy Who Loves Snow

Tristan at stream

Tristan enjoyed seeing water in Dry Creek under the C Avenue bridge. "Walk Water" was the phrase of the day.

Had a great day with Mr. T, as you can tell. He’s quite the outdoorsman, or outdoorsboy.

Katy said that when he learned he was going to spend part of the day with his “Joe,” he immediately assumed he would be going for a bike ride. I don’t think he was too disappointed that we didn’t fit a bike ride in, after all. We got to sled, walk around in snow (or be carried sometimes, but only he was carried), watch water flow by in the steam, toss snowballs (actually, only he tossed, I served as target) and in general just enjoy a fine winter day together.

We played as Audrey and Nikayla shopped, then met them for lunch at Burger King (mostly due to nice indoor play area) and, after reading several books, took a 2 hour nap.

Almost the perfect day. If we had been able to ride a bike, that would have made it perfect.  Some photos of Nikayla in her new dresses below, more photos on Facebook.

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