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Christmas 2013–Projectiles of Love

Red-bellied woodpecker brings some Christmas colors to my back deck Dec. 25, 2013.

Red-bellied woodpecker brings some Christmas colors to my back deck Dec. 25, 2013.

A fierce gunfight has been raging for some minutes in my living room, with my wife and youngest son Ben as participants. We’ve wondered if the neighbors could have heard recent dialogue:

“You’re lying on my gun. Quit lying on my gun!”

“You’re lying on your own gun. It’s your own fault you can’t shoot.”

It’s probably helpful to note that these are Nerf guns. And raging mother-son gunfights are one of the themes of Christmas 2013.

This was also the Christmas that Nina introduced us to record bowls—decorative bowls made my warming an old vinyl album and reshaping it. Nina asked me to pick up a couple of $1 albums at Half-Price Books, so I sacrificed Rod Stewart. It’s the equivalent of picking which albums to toss at zombies. The bowls look pretty cool. From her blog, here’s how to make them.

And this was the Christmas where we’ve enjoyed multiple birds at our feeders. It’s been colder earlier than usual, and we have about a foot of snow on the ground, but at least that means we get to see more birds (and squirrels) visiting us for food.

During the holiday season, both Ben and I have used the family Santa suit, which adds a bit to the festivities.

Santasaurus! If you're bad, you'll be lucky if he tells Santa. Otherwise, he will eat you.

Santasaurus! If you’re bad, you’ll be lucky if he tells Santa. Otherwise, he will eat you.

Finally, this is the season that Amanda, through Facebook, has introduced us to Santasaurus. It’s a T Rex in Christmas garb who has been hanging out with her girls in Norwich, England, this season. Is it bad that her 3-year-old is particularly smitten with this jolly old carnivore? I think he makes Elf on the Shelf look like a helpless wimp.

And the Christmas season hasn’t ended, yet. We still have the New Year’s Day 2014 brunch at Cate’s. And I have the Epiphany Concert Jan. 5 at St. Pius X.

Ho, ho, ho!

NOTE: As Amanda points out in a comment, it’s her 2-year-old who loves Santasaurus. And it’s also SANTASAURUS!


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A Whirlwind Afternoon, Like Christmas Eve for Santa

MMU Band at Club Friday

MMU pep band plays at Christmas Club Friday, Dec. 9, 2011. I have it on good authority that Santa took this photo.

Friday was busy. It was bound to be—it’s that time of the semester. I’m downloading files to my jump drive and typing this—and I expect to finish the post before the files finish.

Although, of course, it’s hard to say as the time bar in Windows is wildly fluctuating—28 minutes left! No, 7! No, 34! 15 minutes remaining! Did I say 15, I mean 10 or 4 of 60!

It’s like a Bible-thumping preacher adding secret scripture numbers to calculate the day of the rapture.

But, I digress.

What was Friday like?

Final two classes in the morning, one a writing lab, one a final exam review that got done about 20 minutes early. The exam in that class should be fairly easy, but we’ll see come Monday.

Then, it was time to work on class proposals that have to be done in October (but might still work if I turn in drafts by Monday). Several students stopped by to ensure I would not finish my writing work…the final week of the semester a faculty member suddenly becomes popular.

Got a phone call from the PR office here at MMU. Channel 9 was working on a story about the Rick Perry ad, could I comment? They wanted me or a political science professor, I said Poly Sci would have more to say, but I would be back up.

Another call. Political science had punted it back. I was “on” at 2. I glanced at Google news to see if anything new was being said about the Perry ad—I was familiar with the controversy already having previously blogged about it.

But, at 2, got the call that the TV crew was running late. Re-set for 4, except I had a previous engagement that wasn’t really supposed to be over then.

I was a “helper” at Christmas Club Friday, if you know what I mean. I can’t say who I “was,” lest tender young eyes be reading this blog, but, ho, ho, ho, it was a good time. I have previous experience in this role—did it once before at MMU, and also worked as a Mall S**** C****** during graduate school.

The things we do for education.

The Mall gig was busier and more challenging. At one point a 10-year-old girl came tearing across the mall, at a quite time when there was no line, hopped up on my lap and said, “S****, all I want for Christmas is for my parents to get back together.”

Wow. It seemed to end well, I think I left her in a good mood, but basically I just had to explain that some gifts the jolly old elf isn’t meant to bring—the human hearts of her parents are under their own control. (At least as much as any of ours are, but once again I digress with either 2 minutes or 10 or something remaining).

Anyway, at MMU, I was mostly just waiting for female students to come treat me like a set piece for photos. It was a bit weird, but OK. Had some fun conversations. I would say 75 percent of the photo subjects probably recognized me right away.

After 45 minutes, someone had to go feed the reindeer. So I went quickly back to Campus Ministry, changed back into civilian clothes, and strolled across campus to Warde Hall.

Make it just by 4. The TV crew was waiting. I was interviewed for perhaps 10 minutes, and ended up being featured pretty prominently in the story. This link will go dead in a few days, I don’t think KCRG keeps its stories up much past 72 hours or so, but here it is, if you can see it.


After that, the President’s Christmas Party, followed by a bit of a party at home, were Theresa and her family were visiting along with Katy and Wyatt’s kids, who we watched over night.

Whew! And for the record, Windows did finish copying files first, by only a few seconds.


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