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Spring Garden Dreams


Milkweed seeds I harvested at my daughter’s house. They were outside, so I hope they might germinate.

This morning, rain threatened, but it was supposed to be sparse. So I took a few minutes before getting on my bicycle for the morning commute to sew a few seeds. They are Milkweed.

I’m happy to read that scientists say the Monarch Butterfly is rebounding, but no reason to stop support through flower planting now. In fact, I hope to add some plants that pollinators like to my gardens this spring—maybe some Joe Pye Weed (true, it is the name that attracts me) and some Bee Balm.

Anyway, Milkweed requires some “wintering” before it can germinate—packets of the seeds come with instructions on how to store them for some weeks in your Frigidaire before planting. Me, I am hoping nature took care of that detail—the seeds I sowed I gathered recently, they were wintered by spending the winter outdoors.

So, Milkweed represents the first planting of spring 2016. We’ll see if anything comes up.

In the meantime, the rain caught me this morning, but while I was getting soaked on the way to work, I at least could think the moisture might be doing my Milkweed seeds some good. And I’ve ordered, from Breckswholesale.com, some plants for spring planting:

They are Toad Lilies, Coneflowers in various colors, Phlox and Peonies. Images are all from Breck’s catalog.

My daughter who lives in a town a bit north of here already has crocus in bloom. I do not know why her crocus always beat mine every spring, but I guess it’s not a race.

I’m waiting to see how many of the bulbs I buried in the fall become spring flowers this year. I’ll try to clean the gardens off a bit this weekend, as spring seems to be arriving early in Iowa, and maybe will see some more coming up.

The web site I ordered from said my spring plants will ship in early April. It’s amazing I ordered so many sunny plants, but Peonies and Phlox are among my favorites anyway. Toad Lilies? They should do well in my shady gardens, I hope.

Spring! OK, I won’t even mind a bit of morning rain. March showers bring April flowers, or so I hope.


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