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A Few Damp Fall Friends I See Out My Window


Weather turns wetter Sunday. Drizzle drips from leaves of pear tree outside my home office window.

Weather turns wetter Sunday. Drizzle drips from leaves of pear tree outside my home office window.

Sunday—the dry spell that we’ve been enjoying came to an end, and since then we’ve been treated to the dark side of an Iowa fall—cool, wet, monotonous rain with none of the dramatic skies and energy of a summer storm.

Of course, summer storms can also come with tornados, so I’m OK if the more frigid fall rains cascade with less drama. And there were a few rumbles of thunder today, just to remind us that the northern hemisphere is just starting to shy away from the nearest star, and there’s still some heat in those solar photons.

Anyway, as the first damp drizzle of the three-day rainy season kicked off Sunday, I was in my home office, writing an exam that I gave speech students on Monday.

As I worked, I could not help but watch out the window. Animal Planet, the backyard version, was playing. Mostly, it was birds, although the star of the show was a mammal.

Squirrel stretches for a meal in a pear tree.

Squirrel stretches for a meal in a pear tree.

I took a break every few questions to point my camera out the window and snap a few portraits. One is just of the wet pear leaves, but the rest are fall visitors, attracted, I think mostly by the pear fruit.

I didn’t succeed in recording all of the visitors. There’s a robin who has not yet departed the city for the countryside for his winter home. A pair of cardinals reside in the bushy area near the clothes line—very near the office window—and put in an appearance, first he, then she. But they moved too quickly for me to capture their little avian souls with my Nikon soul catcher (cardinals are Amish and don’t like to get their pictures taken).

One interesting black and white bird was just around the chimney corner, and the only halfway decent photo of him I got shows more chimney then bird. Still, I like the image, so here it is.

And then there was the well-fed tree rodent who appeared right before rain broke up the backyard party. Where do all the birds go in the rain? I don’t know, but they don’t hang out by my window.

The squirrel was not as skittish as the birds, and I got multiple squirrely images. I like the one of her standing on a branch, reaching for a pear. At this rate, the fruit won’t last long into the cold weather that surely is coming, but we’ll see.

The rain is actually good news, from my point of view. I know it delays an already slow harvest, but for an urban gardener, things were getting a bit dry out there and it’s nice to bank some moisture before the winter sets in. And I planted grass this fall, which needed the wet since I don’t have time to water.

I’m stuck inside. Writing exams. When I’m not shooting wild things.

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