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Chasing the Bright, Elusive Butterflies and Bees


Morning shoot found few critters, but stalking the back yard was the neighbor's cat.

As we were getting ready for Amanda’s Baby Shower on Saturday, I snuck out for a while to photograph the gardens.

My idea was to capture some bugs on the flowers—we have cone flowers and butterfly bushes that attract a lot of visitors.

New gnome

New little gnome, gift from sister for watering her gardens during her trip to Boston. I plan for this little fern to be in the Times office at MMU, so new gnome won't get quite as weathered as many of his garden pals. Does gnome count as garden creature?

The bugs were not so interested. I got some nice flower photos, and cute pictures of granddaughter Lizzie playing in water on the back deck, but few bugs.

Well, it was a cool morning. Later that same day, after the shower, there was more bug life to see. Got some new monarch photos, a moth on the neighbor’s wall and some bees.

Cool. Good pictures come to those who wait. I’ve photographed monarchs before, but had the longer lens on the Nikon, and I think I got some better pictures. Besides those flickr images, here are more on Facebook.


Monarch on butterfly bush. More on Flickr in link at end of narrative blog post.


On neighbor's house, a month. Not the cat neighbor, other side.

And a bee ...

Final image, a bee.


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