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It’s Your Party, Wish You Were Here


Bunch of these birthday butterlfies showed up, but luckily no kangaroos. Yay dollar store.

Jon had a nice birthday party. There were hats, balloons, cake, even singing “happy birthday.”

Only problem was that Jon lives in the Seattle and the party was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

It was a pretty spontaneous affair—a suggestion by Theresa to Audrey that we should have cake on Jon’s birthday. Somehow, that morphed a bit into the balloons, etc.

Nikayla and Tristan got into the spirit too. Nikayla started with one party dress, changed into another, and insisted on wearing a party hat . Tristan was typical Mr. T, a funny little party animal.

And although Jon couldn’t be there in person, he was there in spirit. We had a Jon stand-in, as you can see, and Legolas-Jon even had a small friend, a micro-buddy, maybe a co-worker at Microsoft?

Jon and buddy

Jon and a micro (soft?) buddy.

Well, Jon, I hope you enjoyed your birthday in Seattle even more than we did in Cedar Rapids. And I hope there was a fun party in both cities.

Cake round 1

Cake, round one. The "it's" failed.

cake round 2

Cake after some "it's" surgery.


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