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A Bee In My Viewfinder


Amelia holds up her hand, zoom lens picked it out from 8 feet away.

Well, my new Nikon camera is making me feel young again, in a way. I’m re-discovering the joys of SLR photography.

On June 11, I started to play more with the “second” lens, a 55-200 mm zoom lens. One of the powers that photography has is to freeze a moment, another is to draw attention to a part of a scene, something that you see, but don’t notice. That power is magnified with a lens that magnifies, and I think my fingers photo of young Amelia makes that point.

Tristan and Wyatt

Tristan and Wyatt react to something the "balloon man" was doing at Marion farmers market.

I also like how I caught dad Wyatt and grandson Tristan with the same expressions.


Bee approaches flower of shrub near my house.

In the “freeze-action” category is the bee photo.

Spent peony.

Not a really pretty peony--obviously past it's prime, but I still like this image.

Well, it’s always fun to look at the world in a new way, and I hope these images are a bit interesting. I suppose I went way too far on the video—not being choosey enough with photos. I’ll try to edit more in the future, but today I was just playing to play.

Finally, I don’t have any Kodachrome film—it’s been taken away by digital photography. But, like Paul Simon, I do have a Nikon camera and I love to take a photograph! Video of that classic song.


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