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Waiting for Godot: An Interlude With Art By Busse

Art by library

Detail of sculpture near Busse Library. It's called something like "triangle dango," but I think of it as the giant ceramic tooth.

We were waiting. First, I was waiting for one student because I misjudged how quickly I could bicycle up the back hill at MMU and arrive at Busse library.

Then, I was waiting for Safety and Security to show up because the building was locked—I had forgotten that the library is not on extended hours yet that it will have once the semesters launches.

That, blog friends, was pointless wait numero uno. It was pointless because, forgetful moment numero dos, I had forgotten, until I saw the key in the kindly security guard’s hand, that I already have a key that sure looks a lot like that. Oh. Whoops.

Then, student 1 showed up, right on time. But, the meeting was to be with two students, so we hung out in the library atrium with the giant ceramic tooth.

After close to 10 minutes, we decided the second student was a no show, so I used my magic key and we entered the world of a darkened library.

Then, when we got to the basement, we noted that one door had light showing beneath it.

You guessed it. Student number two was patiently whiling away the time toiling alone in the newspaper office in the bowels of the library, wondering why Joe and the other student were late.

Waiting for Godot.

Except it didn’t go on forever. Whatever. I’m not at my best with unplanned delays, I get antsy and anxious. The worse part of any project, for me, is the search for the right tool. It’s there somewhere, and I feel all the cells of my body aging as I fretfully search for the right wrench or the Philips-head screwdriver or the wire cutter–whatever.

Sure, I could be more organized. I suppose it would be hard not to be more organized than the near total chaos of my life.

But then I wouldn’t get to hang out with the art by the library.

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