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My Profile is in the Art Mix

Denver Faces

Detail of Helmick artwork from Denver, similar to what is planned in Cedar Rapids. From Helmick.com site.

Will I be immortalized in metal in the new federal courthouse in Cedar Rapids?

It’s not likely.

Today, I went to the downtown farmer’s market in Cedar Rapids. One of the booths we passed early on was for Helmick Sculpture. Ralph Helmick is creating a 40-foot-tall hanging metal sculpture for our new courthouse, similar, I think, to one he did in a federal courthouse in Denver.

His assistants are collecting profile images of Cedar Rapids area residents, and 12 of the profiles will be chosen to represent a jury in the sculpture.

The photographer at the booth said they were long on women and short on men, and the family group I was with encouraged Ben to sit. He agreed after I said I would do it if he would do it, so we both signed releases and had our profiles shot.


Ben gets his profile shot for possible use in metal in new federal courthouse.

I suspect he might stand a better chance. He has a stronger profile—a better chin, for example, and an interesting hair line. My beard doesn’t help clarify my profile.

But, we’ll see. I’m sure hundreds of residents will be in the pool for this federal jury.

I’ve been by the new courthouse several times this summer on rides along the Cedar River Trail. The security barriers were a bit of a concern the morning of RAGBRAI—Eldon and Brigid ride trikes that barely squeezed through. It will be interesting to see the courthouse when it’s done, and the idea of the Helmick Sculpture seems appropriate.

The courthouse isn’t the only new public building taking shape. The new library is rising in the area of the farmer’s market. I’m not sure Cedar Rapids has seen this much public facility construction since the Great Depression. It takes a flood to raise a city.

My profile

LIke Ben, I had my profile shot, but this is by Theresa and I didn’t hold my hand to my chin for the formal picture, either. Anyway, I think my profile is a bit fuzzy for art.

Anyway, the market was fun. We were there at 9 a.m., which is a bit earlier than usual, and that’s a good idea. The crowds were not as packed then as they are an hour later, when we usually arrive. And there is much more produce available now. We purchased some nice tomatoes and sweet corn for a family noon dinner.

The lunch featured brats and hotdogs grilled outside, and I finished by noon. This was good, because at 12:30 rain started falling, and from then until about 1:30, it rained cats and dogs.

The on-line news sites say there are power outages and downed trees due to the storm. When the rain hit, it HIT. Still, rain is a rare and precious thing in this drought-ravaged land, so I can’t say I was too sad to see the storm. I would grill out more often if it would bring rain.

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