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The Boy Who Loves Snow

Tristan at stream

Tristan enjoyed seeing water in Dry Creek under the C Avenue bridge. "Walk Water" was the phrase of the day.

Had a great day with Mr. T, as you can tell. He’s quite the outdoorsman, or outdoorsboy.

Katy said that when he learned he was going to spend part of the day with his “Joe,” he immediately assumed he would be going for a bike ride. I don’t think he was too disappointed that we didn’t fit a bike ride in, after all. We got to sled, walk around in snow (or be carried sometimes, but only he was carried), watch water flow by in the steam, toss snowballs (actually, only he tossed, I served as target) and in general just enjoy a fine winter day together.

We played as Audrey and Nikayla shopped, then met them for lunch at Burger King (mostly due to nice indoor play area) and, after reading several books, took a 2 hour nap.

Almost the perfect day. If we had been able to ride a bike, that would have made it perfect.  Some photos of Nikayla in her new dresses below, more photos on Facebook.

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Of Course, You Have to Factor in the Wind Chill…

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How warm is it in Iowa today?

Bugs are around. The last shall be first in the bug world, and when you see box elders and flies, it’s usually a sign of spring.

I’m warm in a sweater and t-shirt. (Yes, and pants too).

It feels bad to work, the sun is shining so brightly in an azure sky. It’s that May funk that arrives each year, when gainful employment seems like an abomination against nature … except that the funk is in January.

I rode my bike to work today, of course. If I got off at a decent time, any time before 4, I’m not sure how long it would take to get home—might go home via Ely, passing all the way down the Hoover trail before turning Old Blackie north.

Sadly, I have bell practice at 5 and won’t get out until 6—and it will be dark.

But probably still warm.

I know that cold weather is on its way. Single digit lows are due later this week. There’s a lot more winter left in Iowa.

Then again, we haven’t had much winter yet to speak of.

As a gardener, that’s a little problematic. I recall how persistent the snow cover was last year, and how glorious the spring was when it arrived—the melting snow made the ground nice and moist and all the bulbs planted in fall 2010 were quite happy in spring 2011.

So, yeah, I’m one of THOSE people. I wouldn’t mind a couple inches of white stuff that sticks around a while.

That would show the box elders who’s warm blooded and who’s not.

But, I can’t maintain my garden Grinching for long. It’s too nice out. Just wish I was out there and not in here …

Wednesday update:  Yes, I got out of that place, if it was the last thing I ever did.  Resulting park scenes and more bug photos from MMU:

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