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Holiday Comes Despite “Christ” Grinches

Nativity set

I like most of our nativity sets, but this plastic one that is left on a table so grandkids can play with it is mildly creepy. No eyes on baby J.

I am not a Christmas hater. In fact, I very much like this time of year and all the family gatherings and all the food and the music (well, most of it) and going to church on Christmas Eve and the nativity story and angels we have heard are high and all of it.

(Yes, I know I miss-typed a line from a carol, no it was not a typo, yes it was a very funny, witty, insightful and advanced joke. Ha ha).

Yet, as usual, Audrey handled most of our modest decorating. Not that I don’t like trimming the tree or carols on the spinet (there’s an old saying for you college students—10 points if you can explain what it means), but December is the mad rush to finals. I am blogging around 11 p.m. when I should be in bed, just to show CO 280 students it can be done, so there.

Anyway, I do like it that, as I sit in my basement at the new “work” table, there’s a lighted tree, several nativity scenes and a glowing angel to keep me company. Here are a few Christmas photos to put you in the holiday mood.

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There, I said it, the H word. Yes, I celebrate CHRISTmas. No, give me a break, I don’t care if the governor of some tiny eastern state (Rhode Island) puts up a “holiday” tree or that people otherwise celebrate this time of years as a secular festival or when they wish me happy holidays.

Indignant Christians who get all huffy about them darn “others” who are attacking God and all that seem to forget that our “Christmas” is a stolen pagan solstice festival anyway. Somewhere there is a Druid cursing all those darn Christians for taking the sun out of solstice and sticking the son in.  Those Druids are a bit ridiculous. So are some grumpy Xstians.  (OK, that one bothers me, too.  There is no Xmas.  Even pagans weren’t worshiping the next to penultimate letter).

So, even as I celebrate Christmas,  I am fine with celebrating the holidays, too. Happy holidays! And if you want to keep Christ in Christmas, more power to you. But getting upset at “holiday” greetings?

Bah. Humbug.


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