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Planting Before Father’s Day and After

Iowa Tiger Lily

Iowa Tiger Lily


Iowa Tiger Lily

Lilies! They abound in the garden right now—especially the tall native Iowa Tiger Lily, commonly seen in ditches around the state. I planted some in my gardens so I can enjoy them up close—and they are my favorite lily. They are pretty, large and very hardy—compared to hybrid lilies which seen likely to fade in a few years, these lilies are tough.

And they spread, which is there one downside. Anyway, some recent garden pictures here in my Facebook floral gallery.

The Friday before Father’s Day, when plants went on sale at a local HyVee Drug Store, I picked up some comfort plants. None are new to my gardens, although some represent species that have died out. In past years, for instance, I had some nice Hollyhocks, but have not seen them for several years. I keep trying to plant new ones, but seem to have trouble getting these started—still, two Hollyhocks were among the comfort plant purchased, along with two Foxglove, two Butterfly Flowers (a kind of Milkweed) and two Shasta Daisies.

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To make room in a fairly sunny area (all of these are sun-loving flowers), I dug out some native Tiger Lilies, which ended up moved to other backyard gardens.

And today, more than a week later, I saw some inexpensive peony roots at a farmers market in Hiawatha, and bought one. More lily relocation was done to make room.

My wife is convinced the new peony looks terrible, and she is right, but my experience with transplanted peonies is that the tops often die, but that doesn’t mean the plant won’t come back. Anyway, I hope this one does because it’s supposed to be pink—a color of peony I like, but don’t happen to have in my gardens.

We had plans to add a new garden in back this summer, but it looks like that project may get put off. Time is getting away, as it often does. Still, it always feels like an act of hope to put new flowers into the garden—so here’s hoping for future Hollyhocks, Peonies, Daisies, Foxglove and Milkweed!

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Photo Fever: Where the Hummingbird Feeds


UPDATE: After posting blog about hummingbird, I saw and photographed it!

Foxglove in wall garden in front yard, tasty to hummingbirds, apparently.

Yeah, I got it,  photo fever. My new Nikon makes me hungry.

The Gazette wasn’t there Wednesday morning, so I called. When they finally delivered it, I went out to pick it up, and a slight movement in the corner of my right eye made me glance towards the wall garden.

Where a hummingbird was feeding in the foxglove.

What a freaky, fast, funny bird. Hovering like a Huey for an instant, but then flitting off like lightning.

I watched it for maybe 5 seconds. Of course, I thought of grabbing my Nikon. Of course it would have been hopeless, the hummingbird finished its breakfast in a few seconds and flitted off.

Well, I was ready today. I sat on the front stoop reading The Gazette, camera worn like a necklace. But, did not see the bird, so I took some flower photos, most in the front wall garden where the bird-drawing foxglove are finishing their blooming, but a few in back, too.

Some photos here, more in a Facebook album.

And I have to be philosophical about the hummingbird. Even if she didn’t cooperate and get her photo taken, she was cool to see and I hope I glance her again. Catching her image isn’t likely, but it would be really, really cool.

And now I want a close up macro lens Garden Muse uses for her excellent photos. Oh well, I’m getting better garden photos this year anyway, and I need to learn how to use the Nikon.

The daddy longlegs is OK, but he’s no hummingbird.

UPDATE: Well shoot darn.  Spoke or wrote too soon.  After posting this entry on my blog, I cut myself a couple of slices of Audrey’s excellent homemade banana nut bread and sat down on my front stoop to enjoy breakfast.  With my Nikon, fortunately, as you can see on the first photo and in the final two at the end of this post. I was a bit far away, but the bird wasn’t staying long–still, it’s exciting to get any images at all of this quick little creature, and just cool to see it again.  (Looking at the photos, I’m not so sure the colors are dull, with hummingbirds it’s hard to see.)

Spider on bud

Spider on cone flower bud--actually, a daddy long legs, I think, a spider-like bug.

Asian lilies.

Asian lilies and buds in front wall garden (near foxglove).

The bird!

Humming bird ready for a foxglove snack.

It's a bird!

The hummingbird, ready to fly off after a 3-second breakfast.

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