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Suffering From Debate Fatigue

The 111th and 112th GOP presidential debates of the 2012 election cycle were held Saturday and Sunday.

And they raise the question: Are the number of debates inversely proportional to the strength of a field of candidates? Romney is sure that American is inches away from losing free enterprise, Rick Perry outright labeled President Obama a socialists, and I’m left wondering about the weird, alternate universe that these candidates inhabit.

Check Politifact.com or Factcheck.org. Both Perry and Romney were pants-on-fire liars, and not for the first time.

Meanwhile, New Gingrich has become the defender of Christian-Catholic morality.

I may be ill.

What are my impressions of the debate? Here are a few snapshots:

  • Jon Huntsman doesn’t stand a chance. He’s not looney enough for the modern GOP. Any man who speaks Mandarin during a debate has lost the right wing right there.
  • Newt is mad. Mad as hell. Mad as a wet hen. Mad as a hatter. And his campaign isn’t going anywhere.
  • Rick Santorum is still on the rise. His scheduled implosion date has already passed, and he’s still around. He may be “the one” that the “anybody but Romney” crowd crowds around. And if the GOP nominates him, Obama is virtually assured of a second term.
  • Rick Perry, please stop. Your campaign ended in Iowa. You keep repeating the same cheap lines whenever anybody makes the mistake of asking you a question, and you’re becoming a painful spectacle. If you play well in South Carolina, that state should secede.
  • Ron Paul is starting to really grate on my nerves. Everybody else is a corrupt hypocrite, and only he knows the meaning of freedom. He’s rapidly going from cute older gentlemen to village crackpot who yells at everyone who passes by: “Read the F***** constitution, and stay off my lawn!”
  • Mitt? I want him to dye his hair blond and spike it. Just for fun. He’s probably already the GOP nominee, but it’s not because Everybody Loves Romney. It’s easy to stand tall in a field of midgets.

Well, maybe I’m just too grumpy because I’m teaching a class on Media and Voters. The students don’t seem as cynical as I am, and that is refreshing.

Hours after seeing the Meet the Depressing Candidates Debate, I was playing bells with the MMU Handbell Hellraisers (still want a catchy name) at an Epiphany concert. The concert was a nice break, a change of pace.


Bells on the peformance table at St. Pius X church where concert took place. Shiney.

It featured many of the Christmas songs I like and none that I hate. No Drummer Boy, for example, and I know it’s sappy, but I almost always like any performance of “Breath of Heaven.” We played Ding Dong Merrily On High and The Holly and the Ivy. I was hopelessly lost several times during warm-ups, but mostly stayed with the group during performance, even when I had to play an A chime on beat four and mallet and A bell on beat one of the next measure.

It got me away from Google News for a time, and for that I’m grateful. Now, if Ron could start being happy again, Newt learn to crack a few jokes, Mitt spike his hair, Jon mumble some more Mandarin and the Ricks just fade away, it can get to be a more interesting campaign season.


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