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Climb Mt. Everest, Anyone?

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest, photo taken in 2007 and displayed on flickr on Rupert Taylor-Price's photostream.

My daughter Amanda noted that I’ve taken, in recent years, to doing “active” things with my kids, one at a time.

Two years ago, Theresa and I ran the Bix. This year, Jon and I are doing RAGBRAI.

In a Facebook message, Amanda said she wants to sign up for something soon before climbing Mt. Everest is the only option left. I told her that when we come across the pond to England next March, she and I can swim the channel.

I think she was amused.

Seriously, though, I’ll never climb Everest. I don’t like heights. And I won’t swim the English Channel in March (or any month). What might I do? What daredevil feats might Amanda, Katy, Nina or Ben attempt with me?

• Nina and I could do a 50-mile, two-day hike on the Appalachian Trail. Since it’s with Nina, we’ll both wear 6-inch spike heels.
• I’m not sure what Katy and I should try. Maybe a roller derby? Somehow, hanging with Tristan seems like such a daredevil activity anyway, Katy and I may have already earned our stripes.
• Ben I have kayaked before—some nautical challenge? White water rafting?
• And that still leaves Amanda. Everest is out and so is the channel. Maybe we’ll wait until she’s back in the U.S. in a few years and then we’ll sneak across the border to Mexico and pick avocados.

I do like Amanda’s idea of doing a “thing” with each of the kids, and even though I’ve moved up from the Bix to RAGBRAI, I don’t think each activity has to trump the previous one. So, kids and blog fans, what would some appropriate, do-able challenges be for a pudgy late middle-aged guy and his young adult children? The Bix and RAGBRAI have either been done or will be soon, so what is next?



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