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What Kind of Day Was It?

It’s the second week in November, and as I listened to my favorite NPR program at 10 a.m. Saturday (Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me) I was raking my yard and sweating.

There were a few hardy bugs around, a lady bug fruitlessly hunting on a spent brown dried flower, a few mayflies flitting about, some grasshoppers. And, of course, box elder bugs.

A fat squirrel was not waiting until she needed the crab apples—she likes them, darn it, and is eating them now. She spent some time perilously hanging on the edge of a small crab apple, then crossed the lawn to a much larger and sturdier pear tree, where she continued her lunch with those hard green fruit.

Before raking, I took some pretty fall photos. The trees are mostly bare, but there is plenty of quiet beauty in the gardens on this unusual summer day in fall. I briefly went behind the fence and startled two does who were lazily munching on the still-green weeds back there.

Later, in the afternoon, I took a bike ride on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. By the time the afternoon turned started to turn dim, the winds had picked up and some sprinkles feel.

Rain, then snow, are due tomorrow. That’s more like November. But it was nice to spend some outdoor time today. I never really mind raking leaves much, especially on a day like this—who wouldn’t rather be outside anyway?


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Hosta la Vista, Deer


Deer behind my back fence shot with 200 mm lens June 20, 2011

Just a few nature photos—deer shot behind my fence June 20, 2011, and some bushes and hostas blooming the same day. The photography was a nice interlude during a very hot mow of the lawn. It’s good I got it done, because we had some storms rumble through last night.

Yes, yes, I know the Spanish phrase is “hasta la vista,” jus doing a little Spanish pun.

By the way, keep commenting on my earlier post. Photo caption contest is still open!


Hosta in my yard. If it were back behind the fence where the deer roam, it would be hasta la vista, baby!

Shadow bush

Shadow-friendly bush in yard starting to bloom, one we got from the farm, I think.


The hedge bushes are starting to get past prime, but there still bee flowers ....

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Deerly Not Always Beloved

Deer at feeder

Bambi's mom in neighbor's yard.

OK, Bambi’s mom stopped by the neighborhood early Monday, and she was cool to see.

(By the way, why are go-go dancers sometimes named “Bambi?” After all, the deer Bambi became king of the forest, not pole dancer of the forest …)

Anyway, our location on northeast side of Cedar Rapids adjacent to a creekbed and the line of trees that parallel the creek means we often see animals—woodchuck, many birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and deer. The squirrels and chipmunks are OK, they dig up a few bulbs, but don’t do enough damage to fuss about.

Rabbits, on the other hand, are a huge pain.

Deer have that potential, they certainly eliminate most of the trees I plant behind our fence, but luckily our fence seems to keep them out of our backyard. I think technically most adult deer could easily clear our fence, but maybe they don’t want to because it’s too solid for them to see on the other side. Or maybe I just provide them with so much tree salad they don’t care.

Whatever. A couple of photos of Bambi’s mom here, and a link to more photos on Facebook.

We’ve moved our bird feeders but haven’t started stocking yet, since I think food is still probably pretty abundant. While we wait for our winter bird visitors, it was nice of the deer to check in. And nicer for her to do it in the neighbor’s yard.

Mama deer again.

Mama deer again posing for camera.


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