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In Praise Of The Back Deck

Kids in pool.

Grandkids play on back deck in kiddie pool–only practical pool to own.

If I were a rich man, there are certain rich-man things that I’m not sure I would have. My own airplane, for instance, would seem like more of a hassle than it would be worth—even if I were so insanely rich that I could hire my own pilot and crew for “Joe Air,” I would still put up with commercial air travel.

Planes already go practically everywhere I would want to go, anyway. I’ll gladly just rent a little space on one when I want to go. And no, despite the crash in San Francisco, I doubt I’m taking much risk by doing that—commercial air is probably the safest part of the whole transit system anyway.

I also don’t think that I would own my own pool. Not that it wouldn’t be tempting, to have a cool, clean body of water always at the ready whenever I want. I suppose I consider a pool more practical than an airplane, but even so … there are plenty around that I don’t have to buy. And I don’t want that much garden-tree space taken up by stuff that is not gardens or trees.

Anyway, if my wife or I won the big prize in the lottery, say the half-billion dollar award, she has always said she wants to replace the deck on our house with a three-season room.

I would go along with it, but I would sort of miss the deck, too.

Granted, it’s useless when it rains, and it’s a pain to have to clear snow from it just to ensure none will melt there and enter the house. But on a day like today ….

Well, today we set up a little kiddie pool and had six grandchildren splashing around on the deck. A huge mature maple tree keeps the deck in shade for all but the late afternoon hours, so despite the heat it was not a bad place to be.

It’s the one spot on our property, besides a few hanging baskets or planters on the front porch, where we put in annual flowers. The splash of color they provide is a nice counterpoint to the splashes of water that were happening there today.

The deck used to be where Zoe our dog hung out. Honestly, it’s a much nicer place without her. It’s easy for grandchildren to go out without “going out,” since it has a gate. And a built-in barbecue, which has been under-used this summer.

We should do something about that …

Anyway, a deck is like a kitchen—a homey place where people naturally gather.

So if I win the Powerball, I’ll miss that deck. Although I bet I will like the three-season room, probably even more than the pool and the Lear Jet.



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Flowers of Summer


Petunia in planter

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We (mostly Audrey) refinished the deck over the Fourth of July weekend.

Then we (all me, this time) installed some railing planters that Audrey’s sister Paula removed from the porch of their new house in Omaha. We (all Audrey, this time) planted petunias from HyVee Drug store in them, and the refinished deck indeed looks festive.

Day Lily

Love this peach colored day lily that started blooming today

So, some petunia images and what is blooming in the garden right now.

Yellow Asian Lily

Yellow Asian Lily


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