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Eating New Things and Seeing New Dinosaurs

Girl dancing like a dinosaur

Nikayla does a dinosaur dance with her preschool class.

Beer bottle

First beer from the beer club–and it was very good.

I am in beer paradise. For Christmas, my kids got me a three-month membership to some sort of beer club where they mail you a selection of brews you might not have tried before. I have one beer at a time when I drink, and I don’t drink daily, and I already had a six-pack of Sam Adams cold in the fridge on Christmas day, so it has taken me a while to start to sample the new beers.

Well, I am in beer paradise. I have not ried the coffee-flavored beer yet, but I have had two different types of brews, one shown above. The first was a dark brew that was tasty and smooth, today’s was a lighter colored beer heavy on the hops.

Both were downright decadent, a casual beer drinker’s dream. Thanks, kids.

So, 2013, which I hope takes me to new places, is already starting off with some new tastes—and more than just beer. Ben will return to Iowa State this weekend, and we sort of celebrated a bit by taking him to Taste of India on Thursday.

Where I ordered curry lamb, medium spicy. I don’t know if I’ve ever tasted lamb before—I am pretty certain I’ve never ordered it in a restaurant before. I love their butter chicken, and was sorely tempted to order it, but at the last minute, I chose the lamb.

It was like very tender beef, but with a slightly stronger flavor—I mean the meat itself had a slightly stronger flavor than beef—with Indian spices on it, the whole meal tasted pretty strong. It was very good.

I’ll fill you in later on my impression of Paraguayan cuisine, assuming our trip to the southern hemisphere happens as planned.

But, for now, I’m content to start the new year with these new tastes.

In other “new” news, I saw my granddaughter Nikayla dance like a dinosaur this morning. It was “grandparents’ day” at her preschool, and Audrey and I both went. It was fun to see, but also a bit startling to think that she is so close to being in kindergarten, that the whirlwind of school functions is just about to launch for a new generation.

2013 and the new is all around. Well bring it on. May it sing like a dinosaur, go down easy like quality beer and satisfy like tender lamb.

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Ready to Flee at a Moment’s Notice

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside your door. I hate to wake you up to day goodbye." Except I'll take Audrey with me. "Have Passport will travel reads the card of a man. Ingite without horror in a sanitary lamb." Or something like that.

I’ve been out of the United States, as far as I know, only twice. Family legend is that when we moved from Schenectady, New York, to Pomona, California in 1962, the flight took us briefly into Canadian airspace.

To my knowledge, no jets were scrambled.

The second time was in the summer of 2006. I went with a group from Mount Mercy College to build houses for a group called Proyecto Azteca, a sort of Habitat for Humanity focused on colonias near the U.S.-Mexico border.

A part of the group working at Proyecto Azteca.

During that trip, we took an afternoon off and crossed into a small city in Mexico. At that time, you didn’t need a Passport to enter a Mexican border town.

Rules have changed and you need a Passport to go to Nebraska, practically. But, I’m ready. It came in the mail today.

Both Audrey and I now have passports. We can flee at a moment’s notice. We’re itching for some sexy visa stamps. From whence should such stamps come?

I’ve never seen Paris. Or Dublin. Or British Columbia. I’ve not yet eaten curry rice in Bombay, nor tasted a shrimp on the barby in Sydney.

Sometime in the next year, our first overseas flight should take us to the U.K., where our daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter will be living for several years. Dr. Moscou has a post-PhD (note, MA guy got it right this time) research position over there somewhere. Some town you never heard of because it’s in the U.K. and we’re in the U.S. and frankly we don’t give a damn. Except that Amanda and Matt and Lizzie will be there, so now we care.

Where else shall we go? Since seeing “The Motorcycle Diaries,” I’ve been interested in southern South America. Then again, I also recently enjoyed “Invictus.” I’ve never been to Africa. Finally, despite Celine Dion, I really like Canadian Idiot. 

Oh Canada, our friendly frozen neighbor to the north, I hear it’s nice but I’d like to see it for myself.

Help me out, blog friends. Where in the world should Joe and Audrey go?


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