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Sunday Ringing, Saturday Singing?-Music Weekend

Self portrait. I'm sitting on a couch, trying to rest the camera on the end of it due to very slow shutter speech. Me as a Christmas ornament. One of my two disguises in this post.

Self portrait. I’m crouching by a couch, trying to rest the camera on the end of it due to very slow shutter speech. Me as a Christmas ornament. One of my two disguises in this post.

The above video shows Kathi and I rehearsing, or something like it. Do you like my little girl disguise? I’m the one on the left, by the way.

The Mount Mercy University Handbell Choir is playing this Sunday, Dec. 15, at 2 p.m. in a free program at the Cedar Memorial Chapel of Memories at Cedar Memorial Cemetery near Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids.

Y’all are welcome. It’s one of two times, I think, you can hear my generation of Sheller make music in the CR area this weekend—on Saturday night, my sister Cate sings in a Quire concert (or so I suspect, I am not certain). I think it’s at 7:30 at Zion Lutheran Church in Iowa City, but sadly, I am not sure (about date or time or location) so maybe check with her if you want to hear her sing. I do. So comment Cate and let the blogoverse know the true story.

Anyway, along with attempting to ring along with the group and sometimes (knock on wood) succeeding, I’ll be playing a duet with Kathi, who can ring better than I can and looks better as a little girl, too. So come on out and listen to me try to do it in a duet.

The full program includes:

  • In the Week When Christmas Comes : a poem by Eleanor Farjeon
  • Bell Peal by Derek K. Hakes
  • O Come All Ye Faithful arr. By Douglas Wagner
  • Pastores a Belen arr.by Carlos J. Avila Baez
  • Lo How a Rose ere Blooming arr. By Janis Yarbrough; solo ringer: Janis Cummings
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem arr. By Sharon Elliott Cheek; solo ringer: David Mione
  • Night of Silence by Daniel Kantor; soprano: Hillary Kaefring; cellist Ben Nelson; oboist, Abby Konzen
  • That Glorious Song of Old arr. By Tammy Waldrop; cellist, Ben Nelson
  • Good King Wenceslas arr. By Sharon Elliott Cheek; solo ringer: Brad Nachtmann
  • O Come Little Children; arr. By Douglas Wagner; duet by Kathi McLaren and Joe Sheller
  • Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella arr. By Cathy Mocklebust
  • We Three Kings arr. By Valerie Stephenson
  • Go Tell It On the Mountain arr. By Douglas Wagner; duet sue Boyens and Jenn Boyens
  • Bidding antiphon: Let Us Live in Holiness and Love; Hillary Kaefring, soprano
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas arr, by Carolyn Sternowski

Hope to see you there! And, maybe, Saturday night, too!


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MMU Concert Goes Better Than I Expected

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“De Colores” was written by a Spanish sadist.

That’s clearly the only explanation for a song so packed full of 8th notes in 3-4 time. And after about 8 measures playing on the “and” of every beat, other patterns suddenly intrude, and then I get to play with mallets.  Joy.

Well, despite several awful practice sessions, in the end it was not so bad. The 2012 homecoming concert, featuring the hand bells, the group I’m in, and the choir and band was not so bad. Pretty cool.


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