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Friday Floral Feature: Dandelions Rule


Phases of dandelion in my back yard–and yes, there is lots of creeping charlie, too.

I surrender. Dandelions were deliberately brought to the Americas by Europeans, so why fight any more?

Pretty yellow flowers of spring, summer and fall—I may spray now and then to knock you back, but that’s more for show or to get along with the neighbors. I can’t get rid of you, so I may as well learn to like you.

The gardens seem more summer like, these days. Early peonies have bloomed and quickly faded; the later smaller varieties of pink lilacs are getting ready to bloom. I’ve had one clematis plant spring forth in flower, and another that should break into flower soon.

And dandelions, which seem to be everywhere, offering their tempting pom poms to grandchildren who can’t resist the temptation to puff the fluff. Even the yellow flowers can turn chin or nose a fetching vermilion.

You win, dandelions.

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Big News Coming, But Not Today


The purple Rhododendron in front just started blooming.

Two (count them–TWO!) irises in my gardens have buds. Just as Cate has offered me a few new Irises, a few of my stubborn old ones are finally starting to cooperate.


This mini lilac and two pink ones are still in bloom.

Today, just some random, I mowed and was outside, photos of what’s blooming now.

The rose that never blooms

"The rose that never blooms," a tall climbing thing in the garden by the house, has started to bloom.


Volunteer bush in back appears to be honeysuckle.


Clematis part one--the dominant plants.


Clematis Part 2--the smaller plant on the same trellis.

Lilac again

Lilac again as final image.

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The Joys and Trials of a New Camera

They are almost done, but some clematis in back are still in bloom.

Kodak made photography, a specialized business of the 19th Century, into a 20th Century hobby.

Lazy humans. Playing with cameras. They should feed their dogs fresh catfood. Who cares if it gives me the runs, I don't have to clean up after myself and it's my favorite food. Zoe, doing what she usually does these days, sitting still and daydreaming. If you see a light, Zoe, it's OK to follow it ....

Late in the 20th Century, when I first learned professional newspaper photography, I often used Kodak film which I then developed and printed on Kodak paper.

A fading pink rose. Somehow, they seem more emotional on the decline then when they are in their prime, but maybe it's just me. Like the contrast between rose and stone wall.

And when we decided to buy a new camera for the upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, the best deal at Target seemed to be a Kodak camera.

Which came, inevitably, with its own picture software. Which I made the mistake of installing and which I am now regretting. It creates and stores photos in a Kodak pictures folder that I had a heck of a time finding with Picasa, my chosen personal photo editing tool.


I will try next time I download the new camera to download to the Dell desktop, rather than the Compaq laptop that I installed the Kodak software on, just to see if the regular Windows download works better. If so, by-by the misnamed “Easy Share” software.

Yeah, it's just the baby Catalpa again. Sorry, Nikki, to read on my other blog that the trees bother you, but thanks for commenting on my other blog. The new camera seems to read foreground objects for focus better, which is nice.

Yes, I was trying a closeup for no reason. Yes it is my right foot. Ugly sucker, it's it? I promose to never feture Joe toe images on my blog again.

Anyway, I do like the quality of the first batch of images, some of which accompany this blog post. The camera is a good buy before the trip.  By the way, I don’t know if all of you know this, but if you want to see a larger image of any photos I post on my blog, just click on it and a  larger version will appear–then just use your back button to get back to my wisdom.

I may not be blogging for a few days, as I head to Puerto Rico for my son’s nuptials. I’m sure later on I’ll have a longish post that records my impressions of the wedding, and the trip.

With cool new pictures, I hope, despite the irritating software.

Astible not far from the rose. I tried to shoot a spider, but, as one of my sister's will be happy to hear, didn't really succeed.


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