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Garden Monsters: Kitties, Mums in June and Zombie Trees


U-571 from Wikipedia. Not the best WWII movie, but WWII nonetheless.

Honestly, today was far less productive than it should have been. I made the mistake of turning on AMC while getting dressed, and some U-Boat movie that I had never seen was starting.

Clearly, I am not one to be trusted around U-Boat movies.

I was going to go on a long bike ride. It was hot, and I only went on a short one. I was going to spread mulch all over the gardens and yard. Well, I did start and get the front done—but there is much to do in the back. I mowed, hoping it will rain tonight.

Anyway, it was an odd day, as hot days sometimes are. A really hot day gives you a sense of unreality, like you’re breathing used air, humid, sticky; sustained thought and sustained effort seem impossible.

Yup, that kind of day, and then there were kittens.

I had finished breakfast by around 10 a.m. (yes, that kind of morning) when I glanced outside and there were three animals checking out the deck—young cats. They moved quickly and showed no interest in the house, so my count was approximate, but suddenly there were kittens on my deck. I snapped a photo with my phone and messaged it (yes, on a phone, “message” is a verb) to Audrey.

As quick as they appeared, the kittens were gone.

A U-boat movie and quick bike ride later, and I was starting my lawn chores—and there they were, two kittens, snuggling in a corner of the yard.

Kitten 1

Kitten one in corner of the yard.


Kitten number two.

Where did they come from? Where is mom? Why my deck? I’m more of a cat person than a dog person, but mostly I’m a recovering former animal owner, and I have no desire to have custody of additional mammals. I’m hoping mom appears soon and the kittens go home.

It’s odd that after writing a blog post earlier this week about monster cats, suddenly kittens are infesting my deck.

But wait, there’s more. Today is the day of the zombie trees.

OK, that’s not so mysterious. I planted six trees in the backyard this spring, not because I needed to, but because I had six trees to plant. Anyway, two of them immediately died, for all appearances. But I know from experience that small trees sometimes go into transplant shock and drop all their leaves, but later bounce back, so I waited. I’ve been waiting for weeks.

And, as you can see, the dead walk, or leaf, again.

A tree

Don’t know what it is, yet, it’s leaves have not open. Some sort of maple?

Tree two

Tree two: A bit ahead. Clearly a maple.

We’re not done with odd appearances, blog fans. Besides two zombie trees coming back to life, there is also a pretty little flower, shown, blooming. OK, you say, so? It’ s a mum. In Iowa, a fall flower. Blooms that you usually see in September. The last thing blooming in the garden before an October killing freeze.

Fall flower

First day of summer–time for fall flowers? A mum out of season.

Today, the longest day, the start of summer—maybe I should have tried to balance an egg, or is that the equinox? Anyway, it was an oppressively hot, cat-infested monster of a day in which odd things happened. I drank the penultimate Fat Tire. It helped. I hope in the morning that the kittens have moved on.



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