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Tune for Tuesday A Day Late: The (Borrowed) Bicycle

The wife's bicycle

My wife’s bicycle. I don’t have the bike shoes to ride Jon’s, which is stored in my garage, and the junk bike Ben brought home is not yet ready to ride, so, since my bike is lame with a broken spoke, I rode (and, I’m sure looked ridiculous) on this one today.

Well, blog fans, I’m sure I’ll write later on my bike blog about today’s commute—in the morning in Jon’s car and this afternoon on a borrowed bicycle. Mine is in the shop and not back yet.

As it turns out, Audrey’s ridiculously small girl’s mountain bike felt really fast to me, so I was going to post “Faster Than Sound” from “High Spirits”  as the Tune for Tuesday on Wednesday this week, but I didn’t find a YouTube video of that particular song, so we’re stuck with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Also, FYI, I noted some Iowa lilies in bloom on the way, and these large Asian lilies bloomed in my garden. Stella De Oro have been around for a while, but other lilies of summer are starting to kick in. I’m sure the ride this afternoon, while it will feel a bit awkward, will be flower fun!

Asian lily

Asian lily bloomed today in my front garden. Others are budding and won’t be far behind.


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