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So, What Do You Want From CRGardenJoe?

I have not posted a “Tune for Tuesday” for several weeks, and the outrage from the blogosphere has been totally not deafening.

It appears that my blog fans do not need me to find and post random songs for them weekly. They don’t use CRGardenJoe as their radio, which seems OK, to me.

I don’t promise I won’t sometimes do a future tune, now and then, should one strike my fancy and mean something to me. In fact, I posted a Led Zepplin song on my bike blog today, because it reflected my reaction to biking in somewhat chilly weather.

But the Tune for Tuesday is officially retired from CRGardenJoe.

Which brings me to another question: What would you like to see more of in this blog? What are your favorite topics? Do you want more “garden?” Childhood memories? Witty political commentary? My reflections on media today as a journalism professor?

Please comment and let me know. Of course, I don’t promise anything. A writer usually writes first for an audience of one. Then again, if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t ask, so please dare to share right there:



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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I have a class of new bloggers who will be starting their own blogs soon, and I’ve posted some sample blogs for them.

I am no blog expert. I’ve not attracted thousands of followers nor been able to quit my day job or have a book/movie deal resulting from one of my blogs.

But, I’ve written a few hundred blog posts, and in the interest of maybe giving my new blog students some ideas, here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite posts:

There you have it, my personal “best.” I didn’t review my blog archives very carefully and may have missed a post or two that should be here. Blog fans, any of my posts or posts from other blogs that are worth noting to give my students ideas?

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Can I Get Pressed? Blog Post about Blogging.

Blog traffic chart

The peaks and valleys of blog traffic, seemingly indifferent to my posts.

Not sure why blog traffic is of any importance to me, nor do I know why it is so erratic.

I noticed that WordPress just changed the appearance of its dashboard and made the blog traffic chart easier to see. So I show it in all its blue glory above.

That’s OK. But, the data is more confusing to me than illuminating. For instance, on Sept. 5, I posted what I thought was a witty little essay about how JRR Tolkien would have written “The Hobbit” had he lived in Omaha, Nebraska.

I got a few hits that day, but suddenly 4 days later, there was a big spike. But, the JRR post didn’t seem to generate much of that traffic, and I had not updated my blog. The next day, I again posted—and traffic dropped from 39 hits to 9. Apparently, the blogosphere likes it when I keep my fingers idle. Maybe it’s a good think that I am not a daily blogger, at most I blog twice a week—too busy doing other stuff.

So, what gives? Beats me. I know that two of my previous blog posts—“A Joe by Any Other Name” and “Puerto Rico, Island of Enchantment” seem to periodically show up as the most popular blog posts in any particular week—though one is months old, the other over a year. A few other posts, such as “The Spider Month,” are also what I think of as “zombie” posts—they may age, but they never die.

Hmmm. What conclusion do I draw? None at all, at this point. Blog pals, any ideas? It is the tags? Is it happenstance combinations of words that appeal to Google searches? Have I offended the blog gods or do they just act capricious?

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