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Climb Mt. Everest, Anyone?

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest, photo taken in 2007 and displayed on flickr on Rupert Taylor-Price's photostream.

My daughter Amanda noted that I’ve taken, in recent years, to doing “active” things with my kids, one at a time.

Two years ago, Theresa and I ran the Bix. This year, Jon and I are doing RAGBRAI.

In a Facebook message, Amanda said she wants to sign up for something soon before climbing Mt. Everest is the only option left. I told her that when we come across the pond to England next March, she and I can swim the channel.

I think she was amused.

Seriously, though, I’ll never climb Everest. I don’t like heights. And I won’t swim the English Channel in March (or any month). What might I do? What daredevil feats might Amanda, Katy, Nina or Ben attempt with me?

• Nina and I could do a 50-mile, two-day hike on the Appalachian Trail. Since it’s with Nina, we’ll both wear 6-inch spike heels.
• I’m not sure what Katy and I should try. Maybe a roller derby? Somehow, hanging with Tristan seems like such a daredevil activity anyway, Katy and I may have already earned our stripes.
• Ben I have kayaked before—some nautical challenge? White water rafting?
• And that still leaves Amanda. Everest is out and so is the channel. Maybe we’ll wait until she’s back in the U.S. in a few years and then we’ll sneak across the border to Mexico and pick avocados.

I do like Amanda’s idea of doing a “thing” with each of the kids, and even though I’ve moved up from the Bix to RAGBRAI, I don’t think each activity has to trump the previous one. So, kids and blog fans, what would some appropriate, do-able challenges be for a pudgy late middle-aged guy and his young adult children? The Bix and RAGBRAI have either been done or will be soon, so what is next?


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Practice Run During Tulip-Palooza

Joe and Theresa

Me and Theresa in our racing gear, shot by Audrey on the back deck. I rode bike to Thomas Park and met her there for our first joint practice run today. On to Bix 2010!


Theresa and I did it—went on a practice run today. It was during the afternoon, which felt pretty warm, a good idea since the Bix is in July. 

We went about 25 minutes, which we calculate to be around 2 miles. Yes, it’s true, the young lady ambling along listening to her iPod took us a while to pass—her leisurely walk was almost my jogging pace. At least she wasn’t an old lady with a walker. 

I think Theresa almost went insane at some points. It’s hard when you’re young and healthy to run with an old man, especially when you have to be extraordinarily generous with your definition of “run.” 


Many people have clusters of flowers, such as daffodils, in gardens, and they look nice. I've tended to mix different colors or types more-not that I mind the clusters (I like them), I guess I've just into variety. Many tulips are in bloom now, including these three by the house in back.


We “ran” on the bike/walk trail near Thomas Park—the one that snakes through a Frisbee gold course where Ben and Brandon were playing. 

Taken with my 4-mile “run” on Saturday, it means I almost did a Bix this weekend. The Bix is 7 miles, very hilly miles, too. 

Well, at least training is underway. A few others in the family expressed intrest in doing the Bix this year, but so far, no other trainers. 

Despite an injury (she was bitten by a dog this morning), Theresa easily kept pace and ran ahead a few times when the maddeningly slow plod was too much for her. 

Give her credit, though, she always slowed down and waited for the elephant to catch up. 

They’re putting in a new trail off of the main one through the golf course, which looks like it will be nice, although much of the length was aggregate for now. 

We’re off and running! On a sunny late May day that happened to be in early April. A day that features many of the tulips in my gardens popping, a few added flower photos below. 

And then on to work. I have a ton. But the nice day would not be denied some outdoor activity. 


Magnolia in back, blooming like crazy. Sargent crab apple looks to be a bust for one more year, but many things are blooming.


Two more tulips

We have a few pastel tulips, like the pink one in the group of 3 above, but seem to favor more vibrant colors.


Native violets

These grow as weeds in the yard, but I move a few before pulling or spraying--I like these native violets in shady areas of the garden where they seem to do well. I think Pat and Anne used to flavor candy with them at one time? I seem to recall such an experiment in Clinton when Euell Gibbons was in fashion.


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