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The Bee’s Knees On Coneflowers

Bee looking at you on coneflower.

Bright-eyed native bee getting a drink of coneflower nectar.

I saw a butterfly on a coneflower today, and grabbed my good camera. I thought it might be a monarch, but couldn’t tell from the house—but when I got outside, it was gone.

What was still hanging around were some medium sized native bees. They make me slightly nervous because they’ll buzz at you and fly at you, and I just am not wild about being buzzed by a bee.

Hey, I'm not a butterfly, why are you taking my photo?

Hey, I’m not a butterfly, why are you taking my photo?

But I do like the coneflowers. I’ve tried planting other colors for variety, but so far only these purple ones have done well. I’d like to get a few other colors going, but honestly don’t mind that these spread. The side garden east of the house is full of blooms right now, and looks very nice.

Coneflowers are a bit prickly, but pretty, and also nice since they draw in so many butterflies and bees.

Bee with flowers

Showing a few more coneflowers.

I’ve tried collecting the seeds of this native plant to get a few started at the edge of the woods behind the house, with no success so far. Too much garlic mustard back there, I suppose.

But coneflowers looks pretty now, and will even be decorative over the winter when the stalks dry (which is one reason, besides laziness, why I don’t clean the gardens until late winter).

Bee flies away.

I’m out of here. Just be glad I’m not headed your way!


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A Lily and a Bee for Father’s Day.

Bee in the back

Bee on hedge type bushes in back


First lily blooming in my garden for Father's Day.

My daddy was a gardener, but more into vegetables than I am. Still, his last garden at the final house he and mama owned in Muscatine was pretty heavy into rose bushes and other flowers.

Today, part of what I did to celebrate Father’s Day involved a quick photo tour of my gardens to see what’s blooming or about to bloom. Below are the results.

And, if you want to learn more about my daddy, see another memory note on my biking blog.









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A Bee In My Viewfinder


Amelia holds up her hand, zoom lens picked it out from 8 feet away.

Well, my new Nikon camera is making me feel young again, in a way. I’m re-discovering the joys of SLR photography.

On June 11, I started to play more with the “second” lens, a 55-200 mm zoom lens. One of the powers that photography has is to freeze a moment, another is to draw attention to a part of a scene, something that you see, but don’t notice. That power is magnified with a lens that magnifies, and I think my fingers photo of young Amelia makes that point.

Tristan and Wyatt

Tristan and Wyatt react to something the "balloon man" was doing at Marion farmers market.

I also like how I caught dad Wyatt and grandson Tristan with the same expressions.


Bee approaches flower of shrub near my house.

In the “freeze-action” category is the bee photo.

Spent peony.

Not a really pretty peony--obviously past it's prime, but I still like this image.

Well, it’s always fun to look at the world in a new way, and I hope these images are a bit interesting. I suppose I went way too far on the video—not being choosey enough with photos. I’ll try to edit more in the future, but today I was just playing to play.

Finally, I don’t have any Kodachrome film—it’s been taken away by digital photography. But, like Paul Simon, I do have a Nikon camera and I love to take a photograph! Video of that classic song.


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