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Lunch At the Pear Tree Café

Hey, Pinky, who are you calling a tree rat? And where are my bagels?

Hey, Pinky, who are you calling a tree rat? And where are my bagels?

In the movie “Up,” the dog Dug gets distracted easily by tree rodents.

I must not be too different. Around noon today, while talking via Skype with my son in Paraguay, I was also watching the lunch crowd at the nearby Pear Tree Café.

Pears! Nom-nom-nom-nom.

Pears! Nom-nom-nom-nom.

The small pears on these trees must be delicious, considering the lengths our heavy neighborhood squirrel goes to. The squirrel is heavy, by the way, partly due to ill-advised offerings sometimes cast onto our deck by wayward family members. This week, my youngest son found some bagels that were too old for human consumption, and pitched them out the back door. There they sat, partly covered by snow, until the snow started to melt. Moldy old bread, apparently, is best served chilled and slightly soggy—or that’s the way this pear-devouring tree rat prefers them anyway.


Some birds, including this cardinal, also were in the lunch crowd. Smaller birds were too flighty to be photographed, but the cardinal was almost as indifferent as the squirrel.

Anyway, I have way too much to do today. But I loved the photos, so I posted a set on Flickr. The squirrel was joined by a pair of cardinals, but Mrs. Cardinal was too shy to be photographed. Garish Mr. Cardinal was another story. Anyway, there were a few other birds, too, but they were too quick for the distracted, Skyping paparazzi to photograph.


Pears and leaves at noon. Maybe the pear trees keep their leaves because they want to encourage lunch customers and the leaf cover makes birds and squirrels more likely to eat the fruit? It’s a theory. Pear trees seem to retain leaves much longer than other trees.



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