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A Fortnight Plus One Before Christmas—A Birthday


Nathan, holding hands with his mother.

It seemed like a good day to enter the world, baby boy. It was warm today in the upper Midwest, windy, sometimes cloudy and sometimes bright with sunshine.

For a Dec. 10, it was a nice day. It was a good day for a birthday, little Mr. Nathan. Don’t expect you’ll always see 50 on your birthday if your life’s journey keeps you this far north of the equator, even with global warming.

True, the world in a mess today—terrorism and war and Donald Trump and all don’t seem like portents of a placid time. Then again, in my lifetime I don’t think there has been a placid time. I hope for better for yours.

But despite the global mess, it was still a beautiful day. I saw you today for the first time, and as usual with a young grandchild, or any small baby, for that matter, you were an instant hit. There’s something inherently charming about such a small squirmy warm bundle with the head that is so huge—too big for its tiny body—and yet, at the same time, seems impossibly small for a human begin.

Well, your head will swell and your body will grow and you’ll get smarter and more interesting. But, I don’t know if you’ll ever be as inherently charming as you were today, sleeping there in your basinet, dreaming of warm, cozy wet places, recovering from the ordeal of birth, just waiting for a willing grandfather to pick you up for a time.

As your mom took a much-needed nap this afternoon, I paced around your hospital room with you in my arms.

The nurse from the night before, who had aided your mother while she was in labor, stopped by and quietly inspected you as I held you. You had the hiccups.


Grandma holds Nathan.

Nonetheless, in a whispered voice intended to let your mother stay asleep, the nurse said: “He’s beautiful. Look at all that blond hair!”

If your hair was dark or you were bald, you would still be beautiful, I’m sure. Still, when she whispered, I thought she spoke with a sense of awe. No doubt she has inspected many a baby boy or girl, and probably pronounced most of them beautiful, and meant it more than 90 percent of the time.

But you are beautiful, and entered life on a beautiful day made even more so by the fact that you chose today to enter the world.

Welcome, Nathan. By the day of your birth and your healthy weight, you cost me a lunch in a bet with one of your ornery aunts, but you’re totally worth it. Today was indeed a beautiful day.


Pretty baby boy in grandma’s hands.


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Amelia Jayne, Welcome to the World!

Amelia Jayne Sebers

Amelia Jayne, born at 5:59 p.m. May 25, 2011, 8 pounds 1.5 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

It was a rainy, cool day, and the grandkids were staying over with us, so the morning was starting to drag by about 11 or so.

Then, we went to Village Inn for lunch (pie Wednesday), had long naps, visited Shirley Schultz and made supper.

While I was finishing cooking and putting food on the table, Audrey’s cell phone rang. It was the call we had been anxiously awaiting.

Amelia Jayne, third child of Katy and Wyatt, my fourth grandchild, had entered the world. Mother and daughter were doing fine, although Katy later said there were moments during labor when she was ready to say “this is it!”

After a quick supper and fast baths, we went to the hospital to see this new Sebers. For a newborn, Amelia seemed pretty wide awake. She cried a very loud, lusty cry for a few seconds, but mostly rested quietly. Her hat would not stay on, and her big sister would not stop asking to hold her.

Big brother, who this morning was a little toddler baby boy and this evening is Big Brother, wasn’t as fascinated by little sister, but, on the other hand, he didn’t ignore her, either.

Sebers family

Wyatt watches as Tristan and Nikayla watch new little sister Amelia.

Amelia enters a family that is a bit different, for her, than it was for sister or brother. She’s not the oldest child nor the first son. Her life will feature shared rooms, hand-me-down toys and clothes, and parents who are a bit tired (and wiser) after having dealt with Nikayla and Tristan.

Well, a few years ago there was a whole cottage industry that predicted personality traits due to birth order. While I’m sure birth order makes a difference, I doubt it determines fate.

Amelia is still a bundle of potential, a little life just starting on its journey. Maybe she will be the first in her family to earn a PhD or walk on the Lunar surface or win a Nobel Prize. Maybe she will just be a happy, well-adjusted, productive person leading a normal life—and maybe that’s more than enough.

Welcome, Amelia. May you, like your siblings, discover the joy of making wishes by launching dandelion seeds, the pure pleasure of stealing the place where your mother, father, grandfather or grandmother sat, the existential joy of swinging. And may you alert us and your brother and sister to some new delights, some pleasures yet unknown, the complex created joys of a unique young girl.

Katy with Nikayla and Amelia.

Katy with Nikayla and Amelia.


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