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Now We No Longer Have to be Dreaming

Cone flower seed head in snow.

Cone flower seed head in snow.

Our White Christmas in most of Iowa is assured. Last night and today, we were smacked by an old fashioned Midwest blizzard. More photos of the result from a Facebook gallery.

My daughter lives in England, where, apparently, the word “blizzard” merely means a storm in which snow accumulates. Here in the midst of the giant flat plain of North America, where the little ripples in the land don’t pose much of a barrier to an Alberta clipper as it sweeps 1,000 miles across a basically flat surface, a blizzard is something else, something powerful and primeval.

Rose leaves in snow in my back garden.

Rose leaves in snow in my back garden.

It’s been months since the last snowstorm of the last winter. We had a hot, dry summer followed by a warm, dry fall. So we can’t complain too much about inches of heavy, wet snow, for any H2O from the sky in any form is a blessing.

But, what a way to introduce the winter of 2013! Sustained winds of 35 mph with gusts over 50 mph. Sticky, wet, heavy snow, plenty of it—and if it didn’t quite add up to a foot in Cedar Rapids, it was plenty heavy enough in the shoveling, let me tell you. We even had thunder booming as the snow fell Wednesday night, although I wasn’t up late enough to hear it. (My son was, and I saw numerous reports of it on Facebook).

Well. Mount Mercy’s campus was closed today, as travel in Iowa was too hazardous. That’s OK, I have a mountain to grade and brought most if it with me. I’m done with two classes, two more to go. I’ll finish tomorrow, and maybe be lucky enough to enjoy some of the cold winter sunshine when I’m done.

The first snow was pretty, but also pretty impressive. I don’t want too many more blizzards, although I won’t mind if the snowpack proves persistent and grows in depth.

Any H2O that falls from the sky in this drought-ravaged land it a blessing. Merry Christmas.

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