Goodbye, RIP, Adam Schlesinger

I did not realize that the Fountains of Wayne songwriter was also involved in one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies, “That Thing You Do,” but he was.

And, at the young age of 51, Adam Schlesinger joins the cost of COVID-19, a death of a singer from a respiratory virus.

Any death is a tragedy, but these are particularly so. Victims of this virus die alone and at a time when we can’t gather to mourn them.

I’m afraid our losses are just starting, and I can only hope this nightmare ends soon. Stay healthy and stay isolated, my friends. It is all we can to protect each other and minimize the cost of this pandemic.

Anyway, Fountains of Wayne is, of course, known for the novelty song “Stacy’s Mom.” But I enjoyed the band and many of their other songs. A few of my favorites as a memorial for Adam:

And finally, I do think this Katy Perry cover is a good version of this song. Farewell, Adam, and thanks for the tunes:

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