Watching Birds as I Plant Unknown New Flowers

I don’t even know what I planted this week. Honestly—I don’t recall. It was whatever random perennial plants that were at least part-shade friendly.

I get this way each year, about this time, when plant prices at a neighborhood store start to drop. “Oh, I don’t have a Madagascar Death Gas Mushroom yet, and it’s a perennial that survives in my zone—maybe I should get one.”

I do recall some of the things I planted. I bought two new rose bushes—small ones that should fit in the small, sunny garden at the base of a birch tree in my front yard. And I planted them there.

I bought two more Milkweed plants. Odd, but I only recall for sure the few sun loving plants … because I planted other stuff, too. Something or other.

In the meantime—birds! I saw these recently in my back yard. Besides planting random stuff, I like to watch random dinosaurs in our many trees.

Birds have a way of looking both coldly robotic and warmly energetic at the same time. A cardinal has heartless, steely eyes—but is pretty to watch, nonetheless. When I take bird pictures, I do wish that I had a hugely larger lens, but I caught these images in just a few minutes one summer afternoon, so I shouldn’t complain.


Landing on maple tree.


Girl Cardinal eyes photographer.


Woodpecker on Oak.


Two small birds aren’t too small to make noise on oak tree.


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