A Father’s Day Plant and Creature Feature


“Butterfly Weed.” A nicer name for milkweed.

Warning spiderphobes—arachnids are included in this post.

My Father’s Day was pretty satisfying—many grandchildren were present, a bar bike adventure happened, and there was cake, too.

In fact, Father’s Day was almost a season. On Saturday, my wife and I did round two of a garage cleanup, and as we were getting ready to take a van load to the local dump, we also grabbed extraneous items form under our deck.


That is a spider.

Which is where the first creature appears. Inside a flower pot there resided a huge spider. The wife quickly bestowed that pot upon me. I carefully released Shelob back into the wild—whatever she had eaten to reach that monster size, we figured we’re better off if she continued to eat.


I hope this is not an ash borer. Dead insect found in my van during cleanup. Eat, Shelob, eat!

After that dump run, I went on a short bike ride around Cedar Lake with a grandson. Midway through the second of our two loops around the lake, we paused to watch an eagle soaring above the lake. The eagle swept down to the lake’s surface, although we didn’t see it make a successful fish grab.

Still, it was cool to see. It was way more pleasant than a giant spider.

Saturday afternoon, we stopped at a flower shop that was advertising milkweed, and got four plants. I attempted to plan four native milkweed plants this spring, but so far two have died.

Although these don’t looks like those plants, I’m hoping the nursery-purchased plants can host Monarchs, and, since their roots are intact, I hope they survive being planted.


Eagle over Cedar Lake on Saturday.

Anyway, Sunday, Father’s Day, was a grand day. It was a day that began with blueberry pancakes, and included a very nice afternoon lupper (lunch and supper) of homemade sub sandwiches, my wife’s excellent potato salad and melon.

Later, we went with two of our daughters on an early evening stroll. After we go back, I was using dehumidifier water to promote milkweed growth, when an owl, pursued by smaller birds, landed first in an ash tree in my yard and then moved across the street.


Here’s looking at you, owl.

So the weekend ended with a cool bird, one to two. I heard from all my kids today, too, and that was nice.

As I said, although sadly I lost my own father a few years ago, Father’s Day for me was very satisfying.


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