What Does Collaboration Mean?


Had a nice sized crowd for the collaboration session I moderated Wednesday morning.

Grant Wood’s American Gothic never looked like this before.

Not that I will tell you what it looked like. Some Mount Mercy University art students and professors are participating in a public art project that involves decorating statues representing the couple in Wood’s famous American Gothic painting.


Art students give preview of what is coming May 8.

On MMU’s Scholarship Day I moderated a panel on collaborations. Two of the staff members of the MMU Times described their work with IowaWatch.org, and a student who has written about human trafficking with a social work professor described the article that they will have published.


Two MMU Times journalists who have worked with IowaWatch.org.


MMU Times managing editor talks about First Amendment project she worked on.

As for showbiz value, however, nothing beat the sneak peek at the art project. It’s not going to be unveiled until May 8, so you won’t see it here before then.

Scholarship Day is always a mixed bag, for me. I like going, but usually can only touch base with the day, attending one session or so, due to the busyness of this time of the semester. I love seeing all of the good academic work that others are up to, however.

Wednesday’s event didn’t disappoint. And there was cake, too. Collaboration is a beautiful thing, and working with students on these kinds of projects is something I think almost any faculty member enjoys. I know helping the journalists with IowaWatch.org projects is always pleasant for me.

And on May 8—well, we’ll see what crops up on campus on May 8!


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