When the Sun Shines in the UK


Flowering tree, sunny walk in springtime Norwich.

Outside of a Tesco mini mart on a busy street near city center, two pretty young women were promoting the World Wildlife Federation. The Indian-looking one called me over, and I moved in to chat.

In  few seconds, they learned I was not a resident of the UK, and thus could not take their survey, and presumably be asked for a few Pounds. The Indian-looking woman firmly and politely retrieved her pamphlet so she could use it on the next old man she snared, but we continued to chat.


Flowers in a churchyard near our daughter’s home in Norwich.

They had never met anybody from Iowa before. And they were happy and chatty, mostly because it was a pretty spring day, sun shining in March and a bit warm.

“People in England get excited in weather like this,” Miss India noted. “They start doing crazy things like wearing bikinis.”

Nobody I saw in Norwich Tuesday was that crazy. It was still sweater and light jacket weather. But in the morning the sky was blue, and, if a few clouds rolled in by afternoon, they still were there merely to punctuate and highlight the sunshine.


Walking along bluffs overlooking sea in Cromer. Cloudy, cool, but nice enough for a walk.

We are just halfway through our Spring Break trip to Norwich. At the start of the visit, we spend several cloudy, cold days in Cromer, a seaside town on the Norfolk coast where are son-in-law had rented a place.  Now we are in Norwich for most of the visit, with a brief excursion to London planned for later in the week.


Walking on the beach at Cromer. Despite the cool winds, it was nice to see the seashore.

Although the weather has been cool and cloudy, it’s been nice enough to walk around and see a lot. Cromer, even if it was cool, was a treat. It’s nice for Iowans to see the sea.


Granddaughter picks flowers during walk in Cromer.

But Tuesday was special—the sun! We did some shopping for a birthday party, and it did feel like cheating a bit to spend time inside shops—but there was, luckily, a fair amount of walking, including a long afternoon cross town jaunt to the party. Below are some pictures from the afternoon walk to the party.

One nice aspect of this March trip is that spring is coming a bit earlier in England, which feels a bit like the globe is cheating since England is so much farther north than Iowa. Still, it’s good to experience a foreshadowing of what Iowa will become in coming weeks—blooming flowers and sweet smells from fruit trees.


From walks in Norwich. British street scenes are different, with houses connected and street signs low on the walls or buildings. And bike racks are busier here.


In case you want to see more, here is a link to my trip photos.



Final images from Cromer. Gulls by seaside, crocus along path.



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  1. Carolyn Sternowski

    What a wonderful trip. enjoy

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