In Praise of March Skies

The change to Daylight Savings Time is a bit rough, and suddenly it’s dark in the morning. But it is nice to have more light later in the day, and light is fun to watch this March.

I’m growing more enchanted by the sky. Cool, windy March days have brought a parade of interesting scenery. The central campus of Mount Mercy University, when you walk across it in the afternoon and the sun is in the southwest and clouds are moving about—well, that hill opening to the south provides a nice view.

On Wednesday, the sky was grey, but with enough breaks to make it interesting.


Wednesday afternoon, looking south from MMU hill.

On Thursday, the sun seemed to be popping out of a pond at Rockwell-Collins as I biked by in the morning.


Sun and its reflection Thursday morning.

But the prettiest sky was in the afternoon, as I was walking back to my office to pack up for the night.


Two views of Thursday afternoon windy March sky seen from central campus of MMU, again looking south.


March in Iowa can be an interesting time—it can bring just about any weather you can imagine. It’s been a warm March this year, which is a blessing, because March can be bitterly cold.

Not this year. And that make it easy to be out and see the wind-blown clouds in these pretty March skies.


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