Fat Tuesday: Trump Triumphs on Ash Eve

What an odd election year we are having. Will we wake up and find we’ve been down the rabbit hole?

I had a feast Tuesday night—the traditional supper of pancakes (which my wife bought blueberries for even though she does not like blueberry pancakes—she made herself a couple of plain ones before the berries were buried in batter), combined with sausage and bacon. I told my wife the berries were edible Mardi Gras beads, but she informed me that because we only had to buy them at HyVee, it’s not the same thing at all.


Celebrate indeed. Fat Tuesday at the Sheller household–pancakes, sausage and bacon. And blueberry Mardi Gras beads in the pancakes A feast fit for me.

Anyway, while I was scarfing down griddle goodness, the voters of New Hampshire were braving the winter weather to make more weird what has already been the year of the odd campaign.

Clinton was the choice of 95,252 voters, 38 percent of Democrats who voted in New Hampshire. She was crushed, defeated, rejected—she felt the Bern, baby.

The Donald was the choice of 100,400 clinically insane voters from the nut-wing of the Grand Old clown car party, totaling 35.3 percent of the GOP electorate. His 35.3 percent showing was huge, baby, huge. It was a humongous victory, taller than the tallest New Hampshire hill, vaster than the New England snow pack, higher than the Empire State building, more ginormous than Trump’s ginormous ego. (Strike that. Trump has more ego than the universe has dark matter, so that last statement is a physical impossibility, but only if you believe in science, which I don’t think The Donald does). Mr. Mop Top didn’t just win—he Trump Triumphed, obliterating the rebuff delivered by Iowans not that long ago.

Score one for Iowans.

Anyway, I know Hillary had only one primary opponent—I do miss you, Martin—and my boy Bernie Sanders did take the primary in a landslide win—but still. Bernie is partially a hometown figure in New Hampshire, a senator from nearby Vermont, so his win there isn’t exactly a shocking upset. And Clinton was more popular among Democrats than Trump was among Republicans. Trump seems to have a passionate base of less than 20 percent of the electorate overall—maybe that will change, because in politics, especially Alice in Wonderland 2016 politics, you can’t tell what will happen next—but he’s a fringe candidate. A vote of 35.3 percent made him the choice of more Republican voters than anybody else, but 65.7 percent of New Hampshire Republicans wanted someone else. To me, Trump’s triumph seems rather tawdry.

Well, the pancakes were good. Later that night, I drank my last beer—yup, besides going to the gym each day (I managed on Ash Wednesday so the resolution didn’t fall apart on day one), I have given up beer for Lent.


Bob, at right, speaks during reception at MMU Campus Ministry.

And on Mardi Gras I got to see some nice art work by Bob Naujoks at a Mount Mercy Campus Ministry reception. It was great to see Bob again, and his art is fun to see, too.

So I had a pretty good Mardi Gras, even if I’m not sure that New Hampshire did.

I suppose Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie would have scripted the day differently. But then again, they didn’t get to have those yummy pancakes.


MMU Times photographer covering opening of Bob Naujoks art displa y in Campus Ministry lounge.



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2 responses to “Fat Tuesday: Trump Triumphs on Ash Eve

  1. Carolyn Sternowski

    What a great idea. I am giving up beer also…does it matter that I don’t drink beer?

    • CRGardenJoe

      Yeah, I also gave up body piercings, sword swallowing and fire eating–doing very well with those particular Lenten sacrifices …

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