Joe, As Seen On TV

Karol Kelly, host of Mediacom's local "Newsleaders" cable TV segments.

Karol Kelly, host of Mediacom’s local “Newsleaders” cable TV segments.

I wrote my Corridor Business Journal column this month on this topic, and wont’ totally repeat myself here, but I had the distinctly odd sensation of being interviewed twice recently. I talked about our Fall Faculty Series at Mount Mercy University called “Stories We Tell: Legacies of the Vietnam War.”

Mount Mercy University's logo for the 2015 Fall Faculty Series.

Mount Mercy University’s logo for the 2015 Fall Faculty Series.

One interview was for a student newspaper story—and I can’t complain about that experience, not only because the student did well with the story (she did) but also because, as the newspaper’s adviser, I could see the story during the production process.

The other time was being recorded for a cable TV program called “Newsleaders,” 5-minute segments that get disseminated on a local cable channel and via the web.

That is right, I’m not a star of Mediacom’s MC22. Or at least I appear for 5 minutes in one segment.

The experience was good, but also a big weird. I arrived via bike at the Mediacom office on Council Street. I’m glad it was a cool morning, as I wouldn’t want to be all sweaty.

I was escorted through a labyrinth into a waiting room, where there were some rather sketchy looking snacks on one table, plus plenty of water. I wasn’t thirsty. A very nice young lady had me sit in a chair and take off my glasses, and she proceeded to paint my face.

Lunch at home after the show. Showing my swag--a pen and a mug. I supplied the coffee.

Lunch at home after the show. Showing my swag–a pen and a mug. I supplied the coffee.

After makeup, it was time for the interview. Host Karol Kelly was sitting behind a desk. I sat down, snaked a microphone up my shirt, and aligned my belly button, as instructed, with a piece of tape on the desk.

Karol shuffled around for a minute, looking to see if Mount Mercy University had sent her questions. Then, I briefed her on why I was there (to describe the fall series at MMU).

Taping began. She did the intro, I said hello, she asked a question and we were off. She didn’t have to ask many questions—I’m a professor, and it’s dangerous to get me talking. It was amazing how quickly five minutes flew by.

At the end, I realized I had not even mentioned Dr. Joseph Nguyen, who came up with the series idea. Sorry about that, other Joe. But at least I mentioned you here on this blog post.

It was over before it seemed like it began. The microphone lady told me she had to take my photo, so I took hers, and Karol’s too.

In the Mediacom studio.

In the Mediacom studio.

I don’t know when the video will be aired or posted, but it is done. I hope you’ll like if you see it. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the MMU series, check out the university’s web site–there is a “banner” to link to series information, so just hit the arrows until you see the series logo and then click the link.


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