What I Saw This Weekend

I saw grass. And I cut it. First mow of the season was Sunday, and most of the cute flower images on this blog were from that day.

But days before I saw and cut grass, and planted flowers and enjoyed other flowers–on Friday I went to a musical at Mount Mercy University. It was “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” a very nice musical that was very well done. Here is a snippet from the 2006 Tony Awards that does do well in showing the spirit of the show:

Well, that was hard to beat. But after a rainy Saturday, during which I did not see much, came a much nicer Sunday. And today was full of biking and mowing and planting–of mid-spring warm Sunday stuff, and this is just a sample of what it looked like:


Around 9 a.m., Krumboltz Trail, Marion. Blue bells in bloom.


Still on the morning trail bike ride. Why did the duck cross the stream? I’m not shore.


Blues bells and tree.


Back home, waiting for afternoon bike ride with my wife. Tulips by ash tree in front yard.


Some daffodils are done, but some are still in bloom.




Just starting–crab apple. Spring is about to smell really sweet.


Clematis in bike basket. I planted and then mowed.

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