Feeding Cookies to Journalists

I made these, and they are good.

I made these, and they are good.

Bianca took a terrible picture of me, and it is not her fault at all.


Me. Not her fault. Just how I look with my thumb on my nose.

She had a phone and wanted to know if it would work for a newspaper assignment. So we tested it by having her take a photo of me. As I said, not her fault.

It was the first meeting of the semester for the student newspaper. Not all hands were on deck—we may have to revisit the meeting time due to some class conflicts. But a fair numbers of students were there, and we made some good plans.

And I made cookies. A professor with whom I shared cookies wanted to know if my wife had made them—well, she can bake chocolate chip cookies just as easily (and yummy) as I can, but these were Joe cookies.

It made for a nice, calorie-filled, first meeting of the semester.

So, MMU students—the lesson is this. Come to newspaper meetings. Sometimes, there are cookies.

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