A Cold Caterpillar Shows Up On Techno Christmas

I hope you’re all having a Merry Christmas, assuming you celebrate Christmas. And I hope you have a merry day even if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Mine has been pleasant. We had the Iowa kids and grandkids over on Christmas Eve, and the technology theme of this year continued. The kids, the three Iowans and their three distance siblings, got my wife and I an iPad mini. I’ve been playing with it some today. It will be very handy for Skyping, which I think is part of the point with our clan in a mini diaspora.

My wife is chatting now the son in Puerto Rico. We just chatted via Skype with the two daughters in Norwich, England. Not on the iPad—I have not installed Skype there yet—but that will come.


New iPad. Probably won’t blog on it much unless I get a keypad for it.

Anyway, besides a new iPad, we also have a new digital Canon, to replace the small digital Nikon we had. We’ve gone from a Canon to a Nikon back to Canon—nothing to do with brand loyalty, just with what seems to be what we want when we buy. We’ve only shot a few photos with the Canon, but it seems to be a step up. Every couple of years, the lens motor in whatever digital camera we have seems to konk out, which is why we got the Canon—my wife is going to England in January and we wanted a halfway decent portable camera for her to take. After that, I’ll probably use it as my everyday camera.

New radio  set to NPR in shower.

New radio set to NPR in shower.

This Christmas also included a new shower radio—a white elephant gift in my family’s exchange, one that I “stole,” and it’s been pretty nice. I like the sound of NPR in the morning, it sounds like victory.

Christmas morning featured a very light dusting of snow, although it’s by no means a white Christmas. Now, this afternoon, it’s in the 40s and I’m thinking of taking a bike ride—maybe test out the Canon some more. I was so warm today that when we went for a stroll, we saw a caterpillar.

And today I set up bird feeders in back, which made it a merry Christmas for some local dinosaurs, too.

It’s been a pretty laid back Christmas day. Which is nice. I hope your Christmas, whether it has a techno theme like ours, is merry, too.

Birds at feeder.

Birds at feeder.

Christmas snow. Look close.

Christmas snow. Look close.


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