Early Thanksgiving for Dinosaurs

Blue Jay on nut tray on deck.

Blue Jay on nut tray on deck.

Thanksgiving arrived a day early for dinosaurs on our deck today.

I suppose that it’s not really a holiday most dinosaurs celebrate all that much, given that one of their species is generally featured on the menu (three of their kind if you’re into the whole “turducken” menu).

But at our house, the approaching holiday required more room in our pantry, so my wife went on a find-and-dispose spree of old foods there earlier this week. Slightly stale nuts (probably from the holiday season last year, we can hope, because otherwise we’re talking previous years) and less-then-crisp crackers were all placed on a festive platter and put on our deck.

The birds that came seemed aware of my presence—they knew they were watched as I lay on the kitchen floor with my camera. They were quick and furtive. It was definitely a grab-and-go dinosaur café. My youngest son and I had some business to attend to at a credit union this morning, so I missed the first shift of avian visitors—my wife said that our cardinal pair (we have a cardinal couple who spend a fair amount of time in our yard and I think nest in our bushes) were among the first holiday celebrators.

Sideways on the deck.

Sideways on the deck.

Well, even if I missed the cardinals, I did see the blue jay, which was nice, and I saw an assortment of other birds.

We’ve not yet set up our winter bird feeders, which we need to do soon just because we’re having a white Thanksgiving this year—winter has arrived early in Iowa.



Still, we did have the old pantry offerings to put on the deck today, which, as you can see, the birds gobbled up.

I shot around 500 pictures trying to get some good images—in particular, I was hoping from some of the birds in flight. I got just a few.

I hope you enjoy the results.

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