The Perks of Being a Movie Watcher

My wife bought a bargain movie the other day, and we got around to watching it tonight: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

It’s an unusual movie, in that’s it a teen angst film that actually watchable. It’s got Emma Watson portraying an American teen—and raising the question: Why are British actors sometimes so good at American accents and Americans can’t “talk British?”

Anyway, the story is a bit dark, but feels “right.” Set in the early 1990s, in nonetheless can remind you of your high school days.

It’s also an unusual movie because it comes from a novel, and the novelist not only wrote the screen play, but directed the movie.

We give it two thumbs up. And we didn’t know the “tunnel song” right away, but we both guessed David Bowie, and it turns out we were right.


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