And I’m Looking Forward To A Week of Mercy

New U Center sign.

New U Center sign.

This week, starting Sunday Sept. 21, is “Mercy and Mission Week” at MMU, and it feels special for several reasons.

For one, we’re installing a new President. Laurie Hamen has been with us for some months, but the official ceremony is Friday.

For another, Thursday is full of multiple peace-centered events that are also part of the ongoing World War I series at MMU.

For a third, author Kerry Weber is coming to campus. As part of a Campus Ministries program last school year, I read her pleasant memoir about trying to do the works of Mercy in New York one Lent as she also keeps her job as a magazine editor. It’s a light read, but a fun one, and I do recommend it. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting week—and it’s special this year not only due to the new president, but the Sisters of Mercy are making a bit more of a splash this year, too. The newest building on campus, which has been the generic “University Center” for a couple of years, is being renamed as “The Sisters of Mercy University Center.” Statues of Catherine McAuley and Francis Warde, two of the key women in the history of the sisters, were installed on campus.

So it’s a big mercy party at MMU this week. Hope to see you there!

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