WWI Series Kicks Off Tuesday

ww1posterReminder, blog pals and those on Facebook or Twitter who will see this post—the World War I series at Mount Mercy starts this Tuesday.

I had the again odd, but pleasing, experience of seeing my face and byline in the paper this morning, along with two other presenters in the series who also wrote guest columns. The Gazette devoted a whole page to the Mount Mercy series, which is great.

If you don’t get the Gazette:


I think I made a slightly embarrassing error in the column—using the word “swatches,” when I probably meant the word “swaths.” The Gazette didn’t catch it, and of course it leaps out to me in print—and I can’t blame them, I’m 100 percent sure I used the wrong word in my draft.

Oh well , swatches or swaths, the column worked out well, I think, and I hope it helps draw more people to our opening event.

The library display, which you can see after the 7 p.m. panel discussion in Betty Cherry, will look wonderful, there will be cookies in the library (and ice cream nearby at the Campus Ministry open house).

Hope to see you on the Hill Tuesday night!


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