Some New Perennials In The Garden

Butterfly bush planted this week in back garden.

Butterfly bush planted this week in back garden.

Let’s just forget Tuesday’s primary, shall we, and get on with gardening. This week, I put some new perennials in the garden, purchased mostly on a whim at the local HyVee Drug Store. The new flowers include:

  • A second butterfly bush, this one planted in back. These are iffy bushes in this part of Iowa, they die back to the ground each winter, and if the winter is harsh may die back farther. I had to replant the one in front this year, but I really like these plants because they are pretty and because they live up to their name—if you have a butterfly bush, you should see lots of butterflies.
  • Hollyhock, three of them, planted in the same general area, the sunniest part of the garden by the deck. I used to have interesting black hollyhocks, but bunnies ate them. Putting in some new ones and hoping. I’ve pretty much just planted pink ones for now. Definitely would replant blacks ones if I find them.
  • A miniature rose bush to keep the butterfly bush company.
  • Some interesting lilies, blues ones. I have plenty of day lilies, and a fair number of Asian lilies. The ones I planted were ones my wife picked out, they should bloom in interesting blue colors.
  • A purple columbine. Most of my columbine is the common orange kinds, just branching out a bit.
  • Two poppies. I had a poppy in my deck garden, but didn’t see it come back this year, so I’ve planted two more.
  • Tall phlox. It should be more tolerant of shade than most flowers, and I’ve certainly got lots of shade for it to tolerate.
Marigolds, planted by my wife in pots on the deck.

Marigolds, planted by my wife in pots on the deck.

I still have some cleanup to do. I purchased some wood chips for mulch and spread them in front, but have not in back yet. Some dead branches and limbs from the harsh winter still need to be taken out. I would welcome some “putter time” in the garden, and maybe will get some later this month.

For now, it’s actually be a very nice summer, so far. Ideal weather, which we can appreciate after the winter of 2014. There have been awful storms this season—one of my daughters suffered plenty of hail damage to a car and her home not long ago—but we’ve been lucky so far to get the rain without any severe weather.


One spent iris and one iris bud not get open (above). Asian lilies (below) that grandchildren helped plant earlier this spring are now getting to bud stage.


The gardens are looking nice. Very buggy—gnats are terrible this year—but nice to look at. Here is a slideshow of some of my garden photos from this gorgeous morning:

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