And I Hope Flocks of Flowers Appear As I Bury Phlox

Daffodils in bloom.

Daffodils in bloom.

It is done.

On a warm spring day when the 85-degree humid air felt more like late June than early May, I received and planted six Phlox roots, the last of the flowers that I had ordered for spring planting.

Well, honestly, that’s not totally true because I also ordered toad lilies, but they sold out of those.

Anyway, it turns out the root of the Phlox need only be shallowly buried, so my broken-trowel “scoop” was quite adequate. I put 4 roots in the main backyard garden, one in the lower garden by the retaining wall and one in the new garden near the chimney—hoping that I didn’t accidentally put it on top of a coneflower root, but we’ll see.

And I also snapped some photos as I planted, showing the flowers in my back yard as the afternoon light fades to evening. It’s a daffodil party, with lots of tulips along for the ride. Most trees are waking up, but a few may not have made it through the harsh winter. The Rose of Sharon remains quiet, and I hope that pretty bush, which is several years old, didn’t get hurt by the extreme winter. Two of the three new trees are definitely going strong, but the third may be forever dormant.

Pear flowers.

Pear flowers.

Well, it’s too early to “call” anything for sure. Some trees that are sleeping may yet wake—despite the heat today, it’s still very early May, daffodil and tulip time. Crab apples are just about to burst, but have not really bloomed yet. A look at what is blooming.

And I can see lots of lilac buds. It’s going to smell pretty good sometime soon.



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